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Energy profiling for Android

I am working on a research project in which I need to measure the energy consumption of Android apps.

I need a device that runs Android, or that can connect with an Android mobile phone, and that is able to collect precise power data.

I am not looking for power estimations.

I have seen here several software tools but I could not understand which hardware should I have in my solution.

Do you have any ideas?

Code Back and Forward buttons

Hi , 

Please I need a clear, direct and a simple advice about how to implement back and forward buttons .!

What is the code should I use ?

If there is a tutorial video available  to show me the steps which I should follow , I will appreciate that and be more thankful .

Please help.!



SR-IOV capabilities not detecting for INTEL QAT Crypto PCI device

I am using Intel Corporation Atom processor C2000 chip based linux machine. Loaded with ubuntu with kernel 4.4.x version. from lspci i could see SR-IOV (single root I/O virtualization) capability has been detected for Ethernet ports but not for QAT PCI.

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