Библиотека Intel® Math Kernel Library

Intel® Math Kernel Library 2017 Update 4 is now available

Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) is a highly optimized, extensively threaded, and thread-safe library of mathematical functions for engineering, scientific, and financial applications that require maximum performance.

Announcing new tool -- Intel® Math Kernel Library LAPACK Function Finding Advisor

The Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) LAPACK domain contains a huge variety of routines. Now, a new tool is provided with a faster method of finding appropriate LAPACK functions in Intel® Math Kernel Library Developer Reference document. This tool would be very useful for Intel® MKL newbies and for users not familiar with LAPACK function naming conventions. By using this tool, users can specify functionality as parameters in drop down lists, descriptions of all functions satisfying the requirements will be shown through this tool. 

Intel® MKL 11.3.3 patch

There are two listed below limitations with Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) 11.3 Update 3 which were discovered recently. The official fix of these issues will be available the nearest update Intel MKL 11.3.4.

If you require an immediate Intel MKL update to address these issues, please submit a ticket at Intel Premier Support (https://premier.intel.com) for the Intel MKL product.

Known Limitations: 

  • FreeBSD*
  • Linux*
  • Microsoft Windows* (XP, Vista, 7)
  • Microsoft Windows* 10
  • Microsoft Windows* 8.x
  • Unix*
  • Fortran
  • Продвинутый
  • Начинающий
  • Средний
  • Библиотека Intel® Math Kernel Library
  • Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel® AVX)
  • sgemm
  • Intel® AVX2
  • How to use fused multiply–add with MKL?

    I want to do basic a*x + b operation, where a, x and b are the vectors(or matrixes) with utilization of FMA processor capabilities. I think I am using v?Mul + v?Add I will get two separate operations. How to use FMA with the help of MKL and Intel compiler? Must I use FMA Intrinsics only?

    MKL_RT.DLL is missing from your computer

    I configured my software with cmake on windows 7 with the MKL library.

    The code compiles and links OK, but when trying to execute I get the above message. I do link with MKL_RT.LIB in cmake and there

    is no file MKL_RT.DLL on my computer.

    Was this file missing during installing MKL?

    Makefiles for Fortran95 interfaces to BLAS and LAPACK

    I had a problem with makefiles to generate module files (*.mod files) for the Fortran95 interfaces to BLAS and LAPACK provided in MKL for Linux. These makefiles are installed by default under



    I wanted to generate the *.mod files with gfortran. By executing the

    norio@myhost:/opt/intel/mkl/interfaces/blas95$ make libintel64 FC=gfortran INSTALL_DIR=/home/norio/opt/intel/mkl2018_interfaces_gfortran720 interface=lp64

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