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Internal Intel users -- Please read this!


If you are an internal Intel user of the Intel GPA product, please do not post on this forum.

Instead, please use the Intel GPA Inside Blue Forum for any questions, issues, or discussion about the Intel GPA product.

If you are having trouble finding the Inside Blue Forum, feel free to message me and I can send you the link. 


Seth Schneider


SoC (N3060 and E8000) serial ports / uart / drivers



I'm working with two (2) custom motherboards including a N3060 and E8000 SoC respectively.


The N3060 and E8000 are two SoC that "implements two instances of high speed UART controller that support baud rates between 300 and 3686400 (hardware flow control is also supported)" [1].


PEBS events for Haswell architecture

Hi all, I'm new for PEBS (Precise Event Based Sampling), I want to collect CPU stalled cycle due to memory access based on PEBS (need bound to specific data address), is there any event I can use on Hawell EP architecture? My CPU is Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 v3 @ 2.40GHz. Also, is there any document or link describe about all events support PEBS? Thanks.


"Cannot attach to application" when running Rainbow Six: Siege through GPA


The game has two .exe files, tried both of them already at least 10 times. I tried a 2014 and this year's version of GPA, none work.

When I run the automatic detection and run the game through the GPA, I get a message saying "Cannot attach to application" and I cannot open the HUD nor anything. Same with the previous things.

How to let system analyzer automatically export CSV files

We are using GPA System Analyzer to study dynamic metrics (e.g., GPU Busy) and export them into a CSV file. After workload start to run, we manually click "CSV" button to start export. Because of this manual process, metrics for the first two or three seconds cannot be exported. What is the BMK to resolve this issue?


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