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Internal Intel users -- Please read this!


If you are an internal Intel user of the Intel GPA product, please do not post on this forum.

Instead, please use the Intel GPA Inside Blue Forum for any questions, issues, or discussion about the Intel GPA product.

If you are having trouble finding the Inside Blue Forum, feel free to message me and I can send you the link. 


Seth Schneider


UWP game ripping error

Ok, so first I gonna says thanks for this tool that I can rip some of game textures... And this is helped me so much :)

As usually, I do ripping textures by using Intel GPA tool, until this day... I download the latest 2018 R1 Intel GPA and try it on an UWP game called Forza Motorsport 6 Apex to rip Rio de Janeiro textures... But, I got my very first problem ever since I used this tool back in year 2015 ago :(

Performance metrics on Linux/OpenGL

Dear Intel-friends,

I just started to work with GPA to tune some GPGPU code which is implemented via GLSL shaders in OpenGL. I am working on Linux. I managed to do a frame capture and can browse textures, render targets etc., but I cannot see any relevant performance metrics. The "metrics" pane only has one entry, "GPU duration". But I am looking for all the pipeline, sampler, etc., utilization metrics, that can be seen in the tutorial/demo videos. I already found the "View-fine-grainded system-wide GPU metrics" button in Graphics Monitor, but toggling it did not change anything.

Intel GPA 2018 R1 Feedback


I recently downloaded and am experimenting with 2018 R1 and wanted to provide some feedback:

First let me say overall the tool is great and the recent updates in the UI for the DirectX 11 profiling are awesome.

What I'm struggling with currently is:

a) Getting accurate frame timings

b) Getting the hotspot analysis running

I've tried the following:

Tried updating to the latest Intel Graphics Drivers, my host machine is running an Intel HD 4600 and Geforce GTX 1070 (both opening locally and remotely)

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