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Intel XDK Update 3759, December 12, 2016

Summary of the 3759 release:

With this release of the Intel XDK we officially retired several features that were deprecated in previous product releases. We have also addressed several bugs and issues found in prior releases. See the Intel XDK release notes for full details.

New features added with this release include:

ITMS-90xxx error - uploading iOS app to Apple Store fails

If you are experiencing one of many ITMS-90xxx errors when attempting to upload your iOS application to the Apple Developer Store, it is likely due to using an old version of Xcode and the iOS Application Loader tool.

dash character in project name may cause project creation errors

Several developers have reported that including a dash character in their project name results in project creation errors. We are trying to resolve the issue, but have found it very difficult to reproduce. The workaround is to not use dash characters in your project names.

Workaround for XDK Update Troubles

We released version 3641 of the Intel XDK on October 19, 2016. This release is a "hotfix" to address the installation and update problems that appeared as part of the 3619 release. There are no differences to the installed product (when compared to 3619), only differences in the installer.

If you are having trouble downloading the Intel XDK installation package (either due to failed downloads or timeouts), you can download the files directly from these links:

Future direction of the XDK

Forgive me if this has been asked/answered before, but I could not find it. Is the future of the XDK for the use of building apps for the store still a major focus for Intel, now and in the future? I ask because based on the traffic on the forums, the future seems bleak for what I am hoping to do. I didnt to a ton of research, but it seems that the number of actual Intel employees responding to forum posts is dwindeling. Can anyone confirm this? What happened to everyone else that was helping users?

iOS 10 black screen, store rejection with IPv6 support error

Some users have reported an issue with good working apps that work on iOS 9 are not running on iOS 10. It is not clear what the precise source of this issue is, but it appears to be due to a requirement for an updated CSP rule in your index.html file.

Error in uploading project files: : self signed certificate in certificate chain

Please see this post for a workaround and report back here if the workaround was effective > <

---- original post ----

Hi IntelXDK Forum!

While trying to test my application I started to get problems with Building the app. It used to work alright using my certificate. Now I get an error that says:

Got client:upload-manager error

If you are experiencing this issue, please try the workaround located here > < and in the following posts. We are hoping to have a solution in the next major release.

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When I want to start builds the apps, I got this error and the process is stop.

Does anyone have the same issue?



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