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Limited Holiday Support this week in XDK Forum

During this holiday week forum responses by Intel personnel will be very light, due to US Thanksgiving holidays.

Our Intel XDK forum is mediated by US-based employees. The week of November 23 through November 29 is a major holiday week in the USA. Our US offices are closed on Thursday and Friday and many people are taking additional holidays on Monday thru Wednesday of this week.

Do not expect any significant Intel presence on this forum during this holiday week, especially Thursday thru Sunday of this week!

Intel XDK Hotfix release 2727

Hello Intel XDK Developers:

Today we released a hot-fix for the Intel XDK; the new version number is 2727. This hot-fix only applies to the mainstream Intel XDK release and does not apply to the Intel XDK IoT Edition or Intel XDK Early Access releases.

In this release we addressed few issues:

Publishing Windows 8 and Win Phone 8.1 Apps

Just as we enabled the Windows Phone 8.1 build tab Microsoft "changed the rules" on how to build an app for submission to the Windows App Store. Follow these instructions to be sure that your Windows 8 and/or Windows Phone 8.1 app package can be submitted to the Windows App Store.

RESOLVED -- Build Failure: "Could not resolve all dependencies..."

The issues described below have been resolved with the CLI 5.1.1 build system. You should no longer see these problems. If you do continue to see them, please post in the forum with specific build error log details (similar to what is shown below).

---- RESOLVED ----

There are many instances of Android and Crosswalk builds using CLI 5.1.1 that result in an error message similar to the following (see the end of your detailed build error log):

Cannot start XDK on Ubuntu et al Linux installs

This is a known issue that is under investigation. We hope to have it resolved in the next release of the Intel XDK. In the meantime, please see this post for a workaround:

---- workaround rephrased below ----

There is a permission problem when the Intel XDK is installed as "sudo" leaving the installer option "Launch Intel(R) XDK" selected.

Add plugins via Plugin Management Tool and avoid intelxdk.config.additions.xml file

The latest versions of Intel XDK (2496 and up) now include a Plugin Management Tool that simplifies adding and managing Cordova plugins. We urge all users to manage their plugins from existing or upgraded projects using this tool. If you were using intelxdk.config.additions.xml file to manage plugins in the past, you should remove them and use the Plugin Management Tool to add all plugins instead.

Why you should be using the Plugin Management Tool:

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