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6 Fascinating Facts About How Video Games are Good For You There is plenty of misinformation about the value of video games out there. Teachers worry that it affects attention span and parents worry that it is bad for eyesight. Here are 6 quick facts about gaming and the positives associated with moderately engaging in it.
Achieving the Eye-catching Tilt Shift Effect in Your Photography without Extra Gear New innovations allow beginners and hobbyists to achieve dramatic professional techniques easily.
If half of your life has been spent trying to get organized, you’re not alone. Technology always helps, right? It’s easy to think about with a smile, anxiously anticipating the first day of school, especially, for example, first grade. A parent probably set the stage with some preparatory shopping, not only for clothes for the new school year, but for pencils, folders,...
Piecing together mental fitness isn’t what it used to be… Thinking back, we can all remember the fun and challenge an old-school jigsaw puzzle would provide to us. It’s something that could be enjoyed at any age, and whether killing time solo on a rainy Sunday afternoon, or participating in a Friday family game night, puzzles never failed to be fun, and...
Make a Joyful Noise: How Playing Music could Enhance Child Development Introducing music to kids may bring them a world of enjoyment; science also shows it can help them build vital skills.
Keeping close with your child is easier than you think, even for on-the-go parents. Keeping close with your child is easier than you think, even for on-the-go parents.
The Best of Both Worlds: Writing by Hand on a Smart Device Science is discovering some fascinating indicators about writing by hand and tech developers are inventing ways to reintroduce it.
Fun Activities that Can Help Improve and Maintain Brain Function The human brain thrives on trying new things. There is such a thing as too much information, and the velocity with which we receive all these messages daily has an impact, not only on the quality of our attention, but also our ability to integrate and retain the important things.
Capturing the Image: 5 Examples of How Photo Editing Apps Can Help Solve Common Photo Situations In the digital era, “picture perfect” doesn’t always have to be the case right from the get-go. Here are some likely situations where photo editing apps can help