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A quick glance at Array Building Blocks

Attending my first Intel Developer's Forum, I got a chance to attend a session called the "Intel Faces of Parallelism Lab," which featured Cilk+ (convenient threads added to C++), TBB, and the current beta version of Array Building Blocks (ArBB).  ArBB is a C++ library geared towards data parallelism in the same sense that TBB is geared toward task parallelism, with reusable features that take care of scalable parallelism without having to program all the details yourself.

Graceful Enhancement

Matt Wolf and I were walking from our hotel to IDF 2011 this morning and we were talking about various architectures and what we each preferred. Matt described his perception and I said that sounds like graceful enhancement and he said that was a great name for it. It was a great mutually derived word that may be more a candidate for general usage than Colbert's truthiness.

IDF 2011, как зеркало идеальной революции

Третий день читаю реляции с Intel Developer Forum в Сан-Франциско и только сейчас, кажется, смог подобрать правильные слова, характеризующие происходящее. Intel совершила самую настоящую революцию на рынке аппаратных платформ для мобильных устройств. И параллельно сделала все возможное, чтобы этой революции никто из покупателей не заметил.

Is parallelism a choke point for the advancement of computing? Education is key.

In a recent lead article in Computerworld, a warning was sounded that lack of Parallel programming skills among developers would be "one of the biggest questions for computing over the next decade."

Visit the Intel AppUp developer program at IDF 2011!

Developers, make sure to swing by and visit the Intel AppUp developer program at the Intel Developer Forum this week! We're located in the IDF Technology Showcase in the Intel Software Community and will be showing off our developer program and Intel AppUp center apps running on a variety of brand new hardware in different form factors. We also have a panel session on Thursday, September 15 at 1:05pm (room 2009) led by our Intel AppUp Community Manager, Bob Duffy, on "Apps Across the Continuum: Developing Apps for Multiple Devices".


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    2011 年北京英特尔信息技术峰会是英特尔公司在今年上半年举行的规模最大的技术会议,本届峰会于2011 年 4 月 12-13 日在中国国家会议中心举行,这两天的活动时间均为上午 9:00 至下午 5:30。

    与往年一样,2011 年北京 IDF 峰会云集数千名 IT 决策者、开发人员、工程师和架构师,以及来自中国和全球的媒体和分析师。英特尔中国区总裁杨叙与下列英特尔高管一起为大家带来了主题演讲,其中包括:英特尔公司高级副总裁兼软件与服务事业部总经理詹睿妮;英特尔架构事业部副总裁兼嵌入式及通讯事业部总经理唐迪曼;英特尔架构事业部副总裁(IAG)兼嵌入式及通讯事业部总经理(ECG)道格拉斯•戴维斯;以及英特尔公司副总裁兼英特尔数据中心事业部总经理施浩德。

    英特尔软件网络和英特尔软件学院也参加了这次盛会,利用这个机会和广大软件开发者见面交流。会议期间我们有四场AppUp® Center应用开发动手实验课程,我们的展位在展示厅的C45,大家积极前往参观,参与了我们的现场活动。

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