Intel Level Up Game Demo Contest - What gets our judges out of bed in the morning?

Picture yourself in ten years. You’ve been making games for a decade. You’ve been to the wars, returned with some successes, some failures (trophies and scars). But you wake up and…what is it that motivates you out of bed?

The Level Up Game Demo judges all have to get out of bed in the morning, but each has a different motivation for doing so. So we put them to the question for you and come back with their thoughts.

Blair Herter, G4TV

CPU Morphological Antialiasing (MLAA) sample now live!

Intel's Gaming and Graphics Samples team has just published a new sample illustrating morphological antialiasing on the CPU.

Morphological Antialiasing is a technique developed by Intel Labs and published in 2009 by Alexander Reshetov. It is a precurser to a new generation of antialiasing techniques that will be discussed at a course in this year's SIGGRAPH.

Another Gaming and Graphics Sample: Coming to a download near you!

I want to pre-announce another sample that will soon be available on ISN for download, certainly either during or right after GDC. And that brings up an interesting question, that of taxonomy of sample code. From the Intel Gaming and Graphics Samples team point of view, there are three categories for the sorts of code one could expect in a development kit:


Distributing Shadow Map Calculations

Before joining Intel, one of the re-occurring issues with balancing performance and quality in games was how to handle the shadows for slow changing or stationary lights such as the Sun. For example a recent game I worked on used a combination of cascaded shadow maps along with a low resolution shadow map covering the entire map from the large scale terrain, with the computation for these shadow maps being distributed over several frames - the nearby shadow map was calculated every frame, with more distant shadow maps calculated less frequently.
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