My 1000th Video for the Intel Software Network!

I am generally not one to toot my own horn, but I thought that as a personal milestone 1000 videos produced for Intel since I was hired in January of 2008 was a good place to stop and recognize not so much myself, but all of those whom I have worked with to produce such a large number of videos. In the just over three years since I was brought on to shoot videos for the Take Five site I have seen numerous changes to the video program, most notably the addition of our live streaming internet shows on ISNTV.

1000 Universities in the Intel Academic Community

I've been working on this story for a few weeks, waiting and wondering who would be the 1000th university to join the Intel Academic Community.

Now that we've reached that milestone, I've asked those who have been closely involved in the program to blog about specific things going in on in their regions of the world.  This is truly a global program, reaching to 72 countries worldwide.  So, stay tuned over the next few days to hear more.

Подписаться на 1000