Using the Intel® SSSE3 Instruction Set to Accelerate DNN Algorithm in Local Speech Recognition

The main algorithm of speech recognition has changed to DNN (Deep Neural Network). Without internet, the speech recognition service in your mobile devices nearly useless, very few times it can listen to what you said and work.With support for the SSSE3 instruction set on Intel’s CPU, we could easy run a DNN based speech recognition application without the internet. Adding direct SSSE3 support creates a good user experience on mobile devices. In this article I will explain what is DNN and how the Intel® SSSE3 instruction set helps to accelerate DNN calculation progress.
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  • How to Use the MONITOR and MWAIT Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 Instructions


    Implement SSE3 instructions to improve synchronization between multiple agents. This technique is targeted for use by system software to provide more efficient thread-synchronization primitives.

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