Smoother Animation With Intel® Core™ i7 Processors

by Steve Pitzel

Introduction: Disguising seams in NURBS models

Today is a great day to be a 3D animator! It wasn't long ago that animators were stuck with creating stiff-jointed, scarred-looking automatons. These characters had all the beauty and grace of Frankenstein. Rendering engines couldn't handle deformations, or high-level geometry, and polygons ruled the gaming world. The computing power for creating fluid movement and seamless-looking joints simply wasn't there.

  • Core i7
  • artist
  • polygonal modeling
  • animator
  • digital content creation
  • texture map
  • visual computing
  • hide seams
  • NURBS modeling
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  • Dreamworks and Intel at SIGGRAPH

    There's something magic about SIGGRAPH in New Orleans. This is my third New Orleans SIGGRAPH, and the first since Katrina. It's great to see New Orleans back - and to see SIGGRAPH back in New Orleans!

    I'll be in the booth manning our Concept Art kiosk much of the time (Intel is booth #2217) stop by and say "Hi!"  But - for a REAL kick. Come and say "Hi!" to all the Dreamworks Animation FX and animation wizards who'll be speaking in our booth theater or, in the case of the amazing Jono Gibbs, actually presenting at our FX kiosk the middle of each day!

    Featured Artists - Project Offset's Khang Le

    Okay, Adobe's Photoshop has always been one of those necessary "utilities" for me - a tool I used because I had to create textures for my characters and it's always been an incredible texture tool. I have to admit, I never really thought of it as an "art" package. I've officially changed my mind.

    Animator, Artist - Are You Nuts? Probably - but There is Help!

    I was talking to Carl Jacobson from Cakewalk a while back about the challenges artists face in this world. Okay, I know, Cakewalk creates audio software, not what you'd normally call "visual computing" software but stick with me on this for a minute. Audio and visual are pretty much intertwined - especially for animators.

    Throw Mom from the Train (figuratively...) - a must for artists...

    Mom loves you.  She absolutely adores everything you do. That's why, if you want to excel as an artist, you must throw Mom from the train - in a figurative sense anyway.

    Why?  Because mom loves the early stages of your art - the messed up line drawings, the noodles and doodles - exactly the way they ARE.  Mom is your number one fan...

    Intel Software Network TV - Are You Watching?

    Today is the first day of LIVE broadcasts for the new Intel Software Network TV, providing live video streaming plus interactive chat.  Below is the complete lineup of programs for today, and our behind the scenes video.  Read the complete story, and watch at

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