Meshcentral - OSX Yosemite, Dynamic Devices, Agent v1.90

This week, we have a many updates and bug fixes to Meshcentral. Under the covers we made significant bug fixes, including to some fixes to quite high priority bugs. Thank you to everyone that keeps submitting feedback and bug reports, it’s very much appreciated. In this mail we will cover three major improvements:

Meshcentral.com - Android Applications, TURN, OSX improvements

In the last week, the team has been hard at work and today we have many more features to announce. First, I want to thank everyone running Mesh servers and are giving us feedback. Many more bugs and fixes have been fixed because of reports and more to come as we are working on a new release of the Mesh agent. Today, we got 3 big ticket items to present.

Developer Tools for UPnP Tech - Now with Android/Java support

Today we released a new version of the Developer Tools for UPnP Technologies v0.0.50 with a couple of added goodies. In summary, we now have Google Android support, DeviceProtection sample and MacOS X support.

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