How can I upgrade my standard compiler license to Professional edition?

Customer have standard compiler licenses, so they would need to upgrade the licenses to access latest version. This article introduces the detailed steps on how to upgrade.
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  • Центр регистрации решений Intel® для разработчиков ПО
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  • How do I upgrade my product to the new version?

    Our licensing model is based on subscription, not version. If you are interested in installing a newer version of your product, and your subscription period is active, your existing serial number and/or license will work.

    To download the latest version, follow these steps

  • Центр регистрации решений Intel® для разработчиков ПО
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  • How do I Upgrade Intel® IPP from evaluation to commercial license

    The installation steps for Intel® IPP are described in the documents How to Install Intel® IPP for Windows* and How to Install Intel® IPP for Linux*. The procedure is the same when using an evaluation license or a commercial license.

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