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Learn how your software can unleash the capabilities of the Ultrabook™ in this 3-part webinar series. The Ultrabook allows always on, always connected computing in an ultra-thin, ultra-light form factor. We're excited to hold this series for developers and hope to see you in the webinars!

Three-part webinar series:

Assista ao Webinar da Intel Capital: "Capital de risco para empresas de software".

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Creating differentiated apps using the Intel AppUp SDK webinar

Join the Intel AppUp team for a free 1 hour webinar on the Intel AppUp® SDK on Thursday, March 22, 2012 at 12 noon PST and learn how to create differentiated apps using In-app upgrade and In-app unlocking APIs offered by the Intel AppUp SDK. In addition to this you will also learn to make use of other value added features like authorization and crash reporting.

The Intel AppUp SDK provides APIs for applications sold in the Intel AppUp® center.  These APIs include:

Intel ArBB Segregated Storage and Data Copies

This article will answer the question when and how many copies occur for the inputs and outputs of an Intel ArBB function.
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  • Vectorization Series, Part 2- Who Can Use It?

    In my last blog, I introduced the concept of vectorization, which is parallelism across data elements in a register inside a single CPU core. It's a topic that I am very excited about this year, and in this blog I will expand on the subject to address what types of applications can take advantage of vectorization.


    Software Framework for Mobile Devices - Webinar

    Get an introduction to Mobile Internet Devices, the UI Framework and usage models that will drive this new category of devices. Learn how to develop code for power optimization and build in context awareness features.

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  • Vectorization - Find out what it is, Find out More!

    One of my performance focus areas for this year is vectorization. I am excited to start creating more content and spreading the message about this technology, as it has been a little bit underappreciated in the past. So to kick things off, I am going to launch a blog series and a 1-hour overview webinar.

    First, information about the webinar.

    Looking at increasing the reach of your Education Apps through Intel AppUp℠ center. Join us for a webinar to learn more

    Help your education apps reach more users by targeting the Ultrabooks™. Join us for a webinar to learn more about how you can port your existing apps or create new apps for Ultrabooks using the Intel AppUp™ encapsulator tool. Tap into a new class of consumers through the Intel AppUp℠ center, and sell your education apps to PC, Netbook and Ultrabook™ users across the globe. Learn about the various marketing and monetization opportunities available on the Intel AppUp℠ center and the program APIs that help you take advantage of these opportunities.

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