Watch LIVE from AppUp Elements in San Francisco

The Intel Software Network TV crew is on site at AppUp Elements event in San Francisco, CA, where developers have gathered to get the scoop on what's new with AppUp, and how and why they should get their apps into the catalog.

Throughout the day on Thursday 9/16, we'll be bringing you LIVE interviews with panelists and developers on what they've learned, and what's going on here at Elements. You can watch right here in this post, in the player below. Thanks for tuning in!

Five Multicore Years - 3 free talks - register now

I'm talking with three experts (Herb Sutter, Steve Teixeira and David Mackay) about multicore parallelism later this month. We'll do a live Q&A also. Registration is easy and free: http://event.on24.com/event/36/88/3 You'll find the details on dates and times there.

May 12: Discussing with Herb Sutter (Microsoft), "Five Years Since Free Lunches: Making Use of Multicore Parallelism." We'll have a live Q&A session after a discussion.

Free Webinar: "Intel's Software Assessment Tools" 2/10/10 9amPT

Is your software optimized to run on Intel architecture? Do you know if there are any tweaks that can be made to make the user experience even better for your customers? Intel Software Assessment Tools allow you to easily assess your code on Intel Graphics and multi-core, and in this webinar you'll learn all about the tools including how to use them, the benefits, and the introduction of two new tools:  the Intel® Graphics Checker and Intel® Concurrency Checker.

Подписаться на webinar