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Flaws of Object Oriented Modeling Continue

I am posting this as a response to all comments to a previous post called “Flaws of Object Oriented Modeling”.

That post created a live discussion that also continued to forums on other websites. It seems that we got so used to OOP and OOD that it sounds like it is the only way to go, making it difficult to ask questions about it. The live discussion just shows that there are many schools of programming even though OOP was considered the last big thing (with C++, Java, C#, etc.)

Personal Review of Intel Under-NDA Sandy-Bridge Event

Hi All,

Early this month Intel held an event about the Sandy Bridge architecture and other near future developments. Attendees signed an NDA before entering the event and the material presented was really interesting to hear. The room was packed to no room with what looked to me like over 500 people sitting and listening.

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