Modeling Education for the Connected World

Sit back for a moment and reflect on just what the internet is and how it has affected you, your work, and the world at large. Feel the sweeping, awestruck sensation of there being a meta-universe that exists, not unlike the seemingly infinite neural pathways inside your brain (that picture, by the way, is not of firing neurons, but a visual fragment of the internet's interconnectivity.) Feel it? I hope so.

It's Alive!

The vPro Innovation Contest is back in full swing.  From now until January 17th, 2011 you can submit your unique integration of vPro technology for a chance to win a $4000 Amex card.  Take a look at the video below to hear about all the details of the contest straight from me.  If you listen closely, you might even be able to hear me sing............

visit for more details.

The vPro Innovation Contest -- What's Your Bright Idea?

You've been following the development of our manageability products for years.
You've been active (or lurking) at our forums, trying to understand the ins and outs of our interface.
You had built this monstrous fanstastic solution that makes your work easier and more effective!

New Manageability Community Manager's First Blog


This is my first blog as Manageability Developer Community Manager for the Intel® Software Network. My team has been most welcoming and I am learning a lot. Many thanks to our previous community manager Ajay Mungara for the valuable information he has given me on Intel® Active Management Technology. The more I learn about this the more impressed I am – so many possibilities for the IT professional!

Tech experts - worldwide innovation

I have just finished the week in China, and I am again astonished at the caliber of technology talent here.

A work acquaintance from a US-based technology company told me that he is mentoring up-and-coming technologists in Beijing. The way he put it was like this: "The smartest 1% of Chinese people is a really large number of people - like 140,000 people. Compared with the smartest 1% of the United States, you simply have a lot of really smart people."

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