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It’s full speed ahead for Meshcentral as we start the holiday season. This week we for another stack of big improvements that continue to drive Meshcentral as a leading solution for open source computer monitoring and management.

Implementing OAuth 1.0a Authentication Using WebAuthenticationBroker


Implementing OAuth 1.0a Authentication Using WebAuthenticationBroker [PDF 407.62 KB]

What is OAuth?

OAuth is the open standard for the authorization and authentication. OAuth provides a method for clients to access server resources on behalf of a resource owner. It also provides a process for end users to authorize third-party access to their server resources without sharing their credentials (typically, a username and a password), using user-agent redirections.

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  • 3 Twitter Management Tool Options for your Software Business

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    When you’re using any tool for business, you want to know if you’re getting a good return on your investment. And if you’re using Twitter, you’ll realize that a lot of information is flowing, but you may not feel you are managing it or capturing it.

    Who are Your Trust Agents?

    Have you read “Trust Agents” by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith? If not you might want to get a copy. If you are a social media practitioner in general or an online community manager specifically as I am, you already are one or you’re working very hard to become a Trust Agent.  (Incidentally, Brogan and Smith are experts of all things social media and each is a must on your  Twitter Follow list : @chrisbrogan, @julien.)

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