Getting Someone to Know What They Know

Have you ever tried to explain something that is second nature to you?  It’s difficult if not impossible to recall even important details all at once.  In working with a knowledgeable source, they often don’t know what all you don’t know- that is, a routine they’ve been doing for so long may seem like common sense to them despite outsiders having utter ignorance on where to begin.   The approach outlined here can help break down that communication barrier.

I want to write a book or article, how do I start?

Over the past year I’ve been asked several times how I got involved in writing a book. In this first post I’ll offer a few practical hints of how to get started. In a second post I will follow up with the process of putting together the Game Programming Gems 8 book. Also, in future posts to Visual Adrenaline by Gem contributors, they will go into more technical details on their areas of expertise, I encourage you to follow up with them if you have questions on more specifics.

Подписаться на writing