New Mesh Agent with Windows Prompt Fix

Tonight I just released a new version of the Mesh Agent in the wild. Version v0.0.91 has a few more bug fixes but the most noticeable one is working access to the Windows Command Prompt from within the MeshCentral web site. This makes use of the Javascript VT100 terminal that I have been working on a few weeks ago.

Manage your computers using an Apple iPad.

I have been working on a VT100 terminal in Javascript that works along with MeshCentral to allow someone to manage your computers from anywhere. Well, last night I got the terminal pretty much done and worked on a variant for the Apple iPad. It's the same page, but I used Javascript to detect the iPad and make a few changes to the way input is collected.

Update on getting VT100 in a web page

Last night, I worked really late but I made really good progress on getting a VT100 terminal to run inside a web page. The goal is to allow an administrator to access a Linux or Windows command prompt on a remote computer from anywhere in the world and do so, right from the web site.

Подписаться на Vt100