What is your blogging personality?

A new website analyzes text through word choices and usage, and then makes a determination of the personality type of the person who wrote the text.  One interesting application of this technology is to send the website a link to your blogs and see how it responds.

Here’s the link to the Typealyzer site so you can send links to some of your text and find out how your writing is seen.

How to get started reading blogs

On New Year's Day 2009, I was running with a group of friends in the driving rain of Portland, Oregon. On the drive back home after some hot coffee and cinnamon roles, I heard a discussion on the radio about blogging, and how some blogs have become the center for important discussion in global politics and pretty much every other topic interesting to the human race.

This being a radio call-in program, one listener asked, "How does someone get started in finding blogs to read?"

Подписаться на blogging