Libraries (libm.lib, libmmt.lib, libmmd.lib, libiomp5mt.lib, libiomp5md.lib, libirc.lib, libircmt.lib, svml_disp.lib, svml_dispmd.lib ...) provided by Intel® C++ Compiler for Windows and Intel Parallel Composer

This table lists the libraries provided by Intel® C++ Compiler for Windows version 11.1 and by Intel Parallel Composer. The top heading includes the compile options that should be used so you can find how to use each library from this table.

If you get unresolved symbols that should be from the Intel libaries, please make sure the correct library is linked. Those libraries are installed under [install-dir]\lib\ia32 or [install-dir\lib\intel64.

  • Microsoft Windows* (XP, Vista, 7)
  • C/C++
  • Intel® C++ Compiler
  • Редакция Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer
  • libmmt.lib
  • libmmds.lib
  • libirc.lib
  • libircmt.lib
  • libm.lib
  • libmmd.lib
  • libmmdd.lib
  • libiomp5mt.lib
  • libiomp5md.lib
  • libiompprof5mt.lib
  • libiompprof5md.lib
  • libiompstubs5mt.lib
  • libiompstubs5md.lib
  • svml_disp.lib
  • svml_dispmt.lib
  • svml_dispmd.lib
  • libicaio.lib
  • libdecimal.lib
  • libipgo.lib
  • pdbx.lib
  • Подписаться на libmmt.lib