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Legalizing App Privacy: What Developers Should Know

App privacy is becoming more of a public issue, which means it’s also starting to become an issue for our elected officials. This past week, U.S. Representative Hank Johnson of Georgia has drafted a bill aimed at trying to give users more control over their app data. A discussion draft has been released of what is titled the Application Privacy, Protection, and Security Act, found here.

Apps for Kids and Privacy: A Growing Problem

Apps and privacy practices are not two things that you hear linked together very often, and with good reason: there doesn’t exist a good framework in the app development ecosystem for integrating the two in a transparent, user-friendly process. In a previous article, we talked about the problem of privacy, and how a recent Federal Trade Commission survey of over 400 different downloaded apps found a disturbing amount of glaring privacy violations within the apps themselves.

App Privacy: Does It Really Exist?

It’s that time of year when electronic devices of all kinds – smartphones, tablets, maybe even an Ultrabook™ if you’ve been really good – make their way under the tree. Along with these fantastic toys come a veritable blizzard of app downloads; anything from Netflix to Angry Birds to Drawing with Friends. With literally hundreds of thousands of apps available to download, it’s only logical to assume that there are privacy guidelines in place for apps, especially for apps aimed toward children.

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