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A Windows* Store App Case Study – Recording Audio Notes and Playback for Healthcare (C#)

I’d like to share a useful example for recording audio in a Windows Store App.  Particularly, I will present an app that targets the enterprise healthcare sector.  Audio recordings can enable doctors to “attach” speech to notes for patients.  This aides doctors in the event that if their hands are occupied, they can simply use voice to make a recording or play it back with a single button click.  Also, when a doctor’s working with many patients, on-the-fly dictation makes it easier to track accurate medical records.  Thus, recorded notes serve as a great addendum to the traditional ke

Developing for Intel Smart Connect Technology

If you are an app developer and you are interested in how you can take advantage of the Intel Smart Connect Technology (ISCT) in your Desktop and Windows Store apps, this blog will provide the following information:
  • What is Intel Smart Connect Technology
  • How does an application take advantage of Intel Smart Connect Technology
  • What are the System States that are applicable to this technology
  • What applications are best suited for Intel Smart Connect Technology
  • Guidelines for application developers 

New Windows* 8 Code Samples on Intel Developer Zone

The following code samples will help developers get started writing both Windows Store apps (9 samples) and Windows 8 Desktop (1 sample).  The Windows Store app samples are JavaScript/HTML  and the Windows 8 Desktop sample is written in C++.  

The samples can be downloaded from the links provided below.  The full set of samples can also be found on the Intel Developer Zone.  There will be updates as new samples become available.

Matriz de compatibilidad de función de Ultrabook™ para el desarrollo de Windows* 8

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Ultrabook™ Feature Compatibility Matrix for Windows* 8 Development(PDF 789 KB)


Si eres un desarrollador de aplicaciones y quieres aprender sobre los requisitos de las aplicaciones de Windows 8 Desktop y de Windows Store, este artículo "Matriz de compatibilidad de función de Ultrabook para el desarrollo de Windows 8," te guiará en el camino correcto.

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