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Role of NFC in the future of Digital Wallet

“Since the beginning of a barter economy on our planet, personal Wallet seems to have remained stuck in the leather and bone ages, literally. I believe: Wallet is the next frontier for Enterprise and the next killer App for Mobile. Digitization of wallet is inevitable.

Three NFC news items caught my attention - Periodicals by Sunil (#1)

Greetings everyone,

Through a series of blogs and dialogues here, my goal is to weave a community of bright developers who are willing to collaborate cross domains to deliver end-to-end Near Field Communication (NFC) usages.

Three NFC news items recently caught my attention, and I’ll like to hear your perspective on each.

A)      Lastest iPhone didn’t launch with NFC as a feature

B)      NFC Forum reorganized its Eco-System committee into several vertical SIGs

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