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Cómo hacer que descubran nuestra aplicación en Google Play: Parte uno

Si usted es desarrollador y está creando aplicaciones, seguramente ya conoce Google Play, una tienda de aplicaciones Android donde se ofrecen miles de aplicaciones para ser descubiertas por usuarios de todo el mundo. La meta principal de todo desarrollador que tenga aplicaciones en Google Play es lograr que los usuarios las descubran, instalen y usen.

How to Get Your App Discovered on Google Play: Part One

If you’re a developer making apps, then you probably already know about Google Play, an Android app store where hundreds of thousands of apps are curated and discovered by users all over the world. As a developer at Google Play, getting users to discover, install, and engage with your app is the main goal in mind.

How Do Apps Get Discovered?

You’ve done the hard work of coming up with an idea for an app; you’ve slogged through the process of coding it into life, and now it’s time to release your creation into the wild blue yonder, where it will organically rank high in search, pull down one gushing review after another, and make it into the Top Ten list of every app store available on the planet. Right? Well, maybe not. There are a few steps missed in there on the way to greater app visibility; unfortunately, it’s not enough to simply create something and expect that the hard work is done.

Developers and Facebook: New Emphasis on Games and Discovery

This week at GDC, there was some good news from the Facebook games and product teams for developers who integrate Facebook into their apps, including a renewed focus on games, a Developer Center targeted at game developers, and user stats. A few of the more interesting stats announced include:

Facebook Graph Search: What It Means for Developers

This week, Facebook rolled out Graph Search, a new feature within the social networking site that will enable users to make new kinds of content connections based on information they’ve already input into the site as a whole.  Graph Search is not only going to change how end users utilize Facebook, but it’s also potentially a game changer for developers and the process of app development.

What is Facebook Search Graph?

Six App Discovery Search Platforms Worth a Second Look

App discoverability – whereby an app that is targeted toward a specific user is able to be found by that user - is one of the biggest obstacles facing developers today. There are millions of apps out there, but app stores limit their discoverability to categories, curated top ten lists, the most basic of keyword searches, and overly simplified content directories. What if you want to find an app based on something you want to do – like organize your shopping list, create a storyboard, or run a budget projection?

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