Intel® Edison Native Application Guide


This document is written for software developers who are developing native software applications with C and C++ on the Intel® Edison Development platform. It covers basic preparation for setting up your host to develop apps for the Intel® Edison Development Board, and provides a sample application for a pedometer.  A pre-configured version of Eclipse can be downloaded from the Intel® IoT Software Downloads page

  • Разработчики
  • Linux*
  • Проект Yocto
  • Интернет вещей
  • C/C++
  • Продвинутый
  • Средний
  • Eclipse
  • native
  • toolchain
  • debugging
  • Edison
  • yocto plugin
  • C project
  • pedometer
  • Интернет вещей
  • Measuring performance in HPC

    This is the first article in a series of articles about High Performance Computing with the Intel Xeon Phi. The Intel Xeon Phi is the first commercial product of Intel to incorporate the Many Integrated Core architecture. In this article I will present the basics of the Xeon Phi architecture, the programming models and what we can do to measure the performance in cycles for micro benchmarks.

  • Разработчики
  • Профессорский состав
  • Студенты
  • Linux*
  • C/C++
  • Средний
  • Intel® C++ Compiler
  • Компилятор Intel® C++ и библиотеки производительности для QNX* Neutrino* RTOS
  • Intel® Cilk™ Plus
  • Библиотека Intel® Math Kernel Library
  • Редакция Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer
  • OpenMP*
  • MIC
  • Xeon
  • Phi
  • performance
  • timing
  • offload
  • native
  • Отладка
  • Intel® Many Integrated Core Architecture
  • Оптимизация
  • Параллельные вычисления
  • Многопоточность
  • Векторизация
  • Подписаться на native