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Flappy Bird: What Happened?

One of the most intriguing stories to come across the news feeds recently is that of Dong Nguyen, the developer behind the runaway hit Flappy Bird. This immensely popular game, which was the number one downloaded free app in both the Apple App Store and Google Play for nearly a month, reportedly generated up to $50,000 a day in revenue from in-app advertising. Not too bad of a payday for an indie developer who apparently made the game in less than a week in his spare time.

Interview with Developer Stan Bogdanov

Busy developer Stan Bogdanov graciously gave us a few minutes of his time this week to talk about his development background, his current app projects, and his thoughts on the software development landscape, and other interesting tidbits (like how he hacked his way into his mom’s work computer as a young lad!).  Without further ado, here’s our interview.

Free to play games continue to dominate other app monetization models

A report out from Super Data Research this week, whose data is collected directly from publishers and developers and builds on the digital point of sale data from millions of gamers, ranked the top earners worldwide for free to play games. Topping the list was Tencent’s CrossFire and League of Legends, who together took home an annual gross of $1581 million. Media company Nexon grabbed three of the top ten spots with a combined worth of $800 million.

Five ways to level up your Android game

Android developers who want to have their apps discovered more effectively in Google Play will be glad to know that the curation team behind the popular app store have basically the same goals in mind. A recent video from Koh Kim and Dan Galpin, both who work as developer advocates for Google, talked about several ways that developers can make their apps more accessible and engaging to users, thereby increasing installs, revenue, and authority.

The symbiotic relationship of social media and apps

Symbiosis is a term used in biology to describe a relationship that is (usually) mutually beneficial to one another. The two parties in the relationship depend on each other’s unique gifts in order to survive and flourish; this is seen in the partnership between clownfish and sea anemone:

What Will Win in 2014: Mobile, Wearables, and Developers

It’s that time of year when various pundits sharpen their pens and make predictions on what they think will be trending for the coming 365 days. Predictions are usually based on what happened the previous year, especially when it comes to technology, and this year’s predictions definitely follow that methodology, with very few big surprises or outliers.

Apple’s Top Apps of 2013: Design, Language, and Interaction

‘Tis the season for sharing the best of the year, and the Apple Store have just released their best apps of the year roundup.  While some of their picks are based purely on number of downloads, others are based on aesthetics, interactivity, and levels of user engagement.  These lists are always interesting to peruse in terms of seeing what was trending over the past year, as well as look forward to what we might expect in the New Year.

App of the Year: Duolingo

Innovation, Convenience, and Access: A quick look at six apps

There’s no question: apps and the mobile ecosystem in general are completely changing how we interact with the world. Think that statement is a bit bold? Think back ten years ago to what you would need to take on a family camping trip to Yellowstone Park: a bundle of maps, a camera, a separate video camera, CD player, flash light, paper to write on, books to read, DVDs to watch…now, you only need a tablet or smartphone to accomplish everything that all these devices did separately, and more.

Apps and education

Creating a successful app: one size does not fit all

Apps that take off with users are profiled on a regular basis in various technology journals, websites, and blogs. We are curious to know why, exactly, this particular app “made it big”: was there something in particular that this app did that especially resonated with users? How about differentiation in social engagement, or user interactivity?

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