Use cases benefiting from the optimization of small networking data packets using Intel® DPDK an open source solution

Intel® Data Plane Development Kit (Intel® DPDK) is a set of optimized data plane software libraries and drivers that can be used to accelerate packet processing on Intel® architecture. The performance of Intel DPDK scales with improvements in processor technology from Intel® Atom™ to Intel® Xeon® processors. In April 2013 6WIND established dpdk.org an Open Source Project where Intel DPDK is offered under the open source BSD* license.

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  • create buffer ok,but not write really

    I use clCreateBuffer(CL_MEM_READ_ONLY | CL_MEM_USE_HOST_PTR,) function create 3 buffers, every buf has 300M, the driver version,the Device global alloc mem size is 332185(KB) ,it is no error while runnig,but the result is not correct,the calculation using the first buf is correct ,the other two is wrong!I found that
    the other two bufs have no data to be written。 while I use ,the Device global alloc mem size is 415744 (KB) ,I crate 2 bufs, the result is correct,what's wrong?
    who have the version for win7 hd4000,Thank you!

    OpenCL buildprogram on Xeon Phi

    I am trying to compile a kernel in OpenCL on the Xeon Phi, and it gets stuck in a loop with the error message "Internal error (unused)(16,8) 04010026_1871" 

    Is there anything that can be done to fix this? The kernels are relatively involved, but the Nvidia implementation has never had any trouble compiling them.

    英特尔® Edison Arduino扩展开发板组装


    • 英特尔Edison模块
    • 英特尔Edison 扩展开发板(Arduino或者mini扩展板)
    • 兼容的7-15伏直流电源
    • 2根Micro USB转标准USB口线缆

    查找英特尔® Edison迷你扩展板的教程?


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  • OpenCL.lib Missing

    I've recently installed everything that I thought would be necessary for developing a OpenCL application, but apparently I was wrong.  I have the necessary header files and the .dll files, but the .lib file that is required for the linking process for a C++ application is completely MIA.

    This is what I downloaded (free edition) and installed as per the website https://software.intel.com/en-us/intel-inde/try-buy

    Abaqus/Standard Performance Case Study on Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 Product Family


    The whole point of simulation is to model the behavior of a design and potential changes against various conditions to determine whether we are getting an expected response; and simulation in software is far cheaper than building hardware and performing a physical simulation and modifying the hardware model each time.

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  • Experience and Lessons Learned for Large-Scale Graph Analysis using GraphX

    While GraphX provides nice abstractions and dataflow optimizations for parallel graph processing on top of Apache Spark*, there are still many challenges in applying it to an Internet-scale, production setting, e.g. graph algorithms and underlying frameworks optimized for billions of graph edges and 1000s of iterations. This presentation, will show our efforts in building real-world, large-scale graph analysis applications using GraphX for some of the largest organizations/websites in the world, including both algorithm level and framework level optimizations, e.g.

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