Video: Big Data Technologies Part 1

Intel software engineering experts discuss big data technologies and how Intel improves the performance and capabilities of Java, Hadoop, and NoSQL data stores.  Download Part 1 of the 4-part series.

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  • Mobills Finance Manager by Delx Mobile Now Provides Personal Finance Management on Intel® Atom™ Tablets for Android*

    This powerful financial management tool enables users to accurately track and record expenses by creating detailed financial reports.


    The Mobills Finance Manager app is now available on Intel® Atom™ tablets for Android*, providing convenient and powerful finance management.

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  • Program cannot build when setting device to "1"


    I have a laptop with both intel haswell chip and intel HD 4400 GPU

    I have VS 2012 and the 2014 beta opencl sdk installed.

    I have taken the median filter sample and modified it to run my own kernel.

    Using the default device "0" (CPU), everything works fine. 

    But, if I set device to "1", then I get an error when trying to build the opencl kernel.

    i.e. when calling clBuildProgram












    Can't use intel GPU with OpenCL while AMD HD8790M is installed

    In my DELL E6540 laptop I have a Intel HD4600 and an AMD HD8790M GPU.

    Before installing the AMD graphics driver I could use OpenCL with the Intel GPU (but obviously not the AMD GPU) as well as the Intel CPU device.

    After installing the AMD graphics driver I can use OpenCL on the Intel CPU device; the AMD GPU device, and the AMD CPU device.


    How can I have access to both the Intel GPU and the AMD GPU OpenCL devices?


    OS is WIndows 7.1 64 bit.

    Intel graphics driver is

    Calculate GFLOPs


    In Intel Vtune Amplifier profiler, there is no counter for how many instructions execute on Integrated GPUs.

    Instead, the profiler provide three metrics indicating the ratio of EU in state active, stall and idle.

    So if my kernel (written in OpenCL) is highly divergent and the divergence is input dependent, it is difficult to measure  the GFLOPS,

    any ideas?

    Achieving peak bandwidth on multi-socket systems

    Let's say each CPU socket has 43 GB/s of bandwidth through its four memory channels.  Let's say I have a dual socket system.  A reduction operation should achieve performance of 86 GB/s, but it doesn't.  It will still only achieve up to 43 GB/s.  Why is that and is there anything in Intel's OpenCL implementation for CPUs that can fix that?

    How could I fix that outside of OpenCL?

    Solution Optimization at Hyperscale with Intel and Red Hat

    Red Hat and Intel collaborate energetically to ensure that binary code compatibility and optimization to deliver greater agility and lower TCO to customers. That includes optimizing platforms for virtualization and secure cloud computing.  For example, we’ve enabled Intel® Virtualization Technologies in RHEL6, RHEV and the upcoming RHEL7, and we’ve collaborated on Trusted Compute Pools with Open Attestation Technology (OAT) support in Fedora—we’re now working to make it available in the RHEL-OpenStack platform. 

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  • Intel® XDK Update for April 2014

    In the past couple of months we had some insightful meetings at MWC, the Games Developers Conference, and the most interesting was a hackathon at the Bergen County Academy in Hakensack, NJ.  This hackathon was conceived, organized (including getting sponsors and funding), and completely run by high school students for high school students.  They had over 200 students attend from many schools in the area and it was amazing at the skills they have, and the apps, games, and robotics they created in a mere twenty-four hours.

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