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Apache Spark* Innovation: Driving a Stronger Community Standard

This blog post was jointly written by Jiangang Duan, Jie Huang and Weihua Jiang (Intel), Alex Gutow (Cloudera), and Dale Kim (MapR)


As one of the most popular tools in the Apache Hadoop* ecosystem, a lot of noise has been made about Apache Spark*—and for good reason. It complements the existing Hadoop ecosystem by adding easy-to-use APIs and data-pipelining capabilities to Hadoop data. And project support continues to grow. Since its launch in 2009, Spark has seen over 400 contributors from more than 50 different companies.


Tinnitus Therapy with Intel's Edison: Kickoff

I've wrestled with ideas on what to develop first with my Edison development board, and the perfect project came to mind recently: a controller for a tinnitus therapy device.  Before I dive into the details, I'll go over some background. 

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Problem with MACROS added with clBuildProgram

Hi to everyone,

I have a problem with the SDK plugin for Visual Studio 2010. In my kernel I add several MACROS using the -D flag inside the options argument of the clBuildProgram function. However, this is not recognized by the Intel OpenCL SDK plugin, therefore it throws several "use of undeclared identifier" errors and I am not able to run my program.

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