Intel® XDK Update for February 2015: HTML5 Games, Sublime Text* & Easier to Get Started

We are gearing up for two of the biggest shows of the year:  Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco and Mobile World Conference (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain – both the week of March 2.  Come look for us in the Intel® Software booths at the shows – stop by and get an Intel XDK sticker!

Which fine grain SVM features are supported in the current Gen8 driver?

I don't have Broadwell hardware in front of me yet so can you tell me which fine-grain SVM capabilities are supported in the latest driver on Gen8 devices?  Just FINE_GRAIN_BUFFER?

If FINE_GRAIN_SYSTEM is supported then can an 8-16GB host address space be shared?

The OpenCL 2.0 SVM article does a nice job summarizing the capability bits.  Can you list which are supported in the .4080 driver and which might eventually be supported?

Any way to coax HD Graphics IGP into SIMD4 or SIMD4x2 mode?

I asked a similar question last year and want to know if there is any way to coax the compiler into mapping "vectorized" code onto the IGP?

More specifically, I'd like to launch a workgroup where each work item is a SIMD4 or SIMD4x2 vector and the number of vector registers per work item might approach 128.

How to build native OpenCL kernel by assembly and load this kernel


I want to learn how to build native OpenCL kernel by assembly and load this kernel. I am already able to generate assembly by the OpenCL kernel and compile it then:

ioc64 -cmd=build -input=kernel.cl -device=co -asm=file.s
icc -mmic -c file.s -o kernel

But how do I load this kernel into OpenCL runtime. My current approach did not work:

OpenCL 1.2 on Intel Core T8300 with Linux


i installed "intel_code_builder_for_opencl_2015_ubuntu_5.0.0.43_x64.tgz" on Ubuntu Linux.

My CPU is an Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T8300.

I cannot find out whether the drivers support this CPU or not based on the documentation. It only states Intel® CoreTM Processors.

I successfully get a plattform id and device id. I also can query the device capabilities with clGetDeviceInfo. Also clGetDeviceInfo reports true for CL_DEVICE_AVAILABLE.

But clCreateContext fails with CL_DEVICE_NOT_AVAILABLE.

So is this CPU supported?



Intel® Open Network Platform Server Accelerates SDN and NFV Development

Intel® Open Network Platform Server team releases Version 1.2 offering developers a fully integrated open source solution  with Intel® hardware optimizations to accelerates SDN and NFV development.  

Turn Big Data into Big Value

Some of today’s most successful companies achieve game-changing business advantages by capturing, analyzing, and acting upon vast amounts of diverse, fast-moving “big data.” This paper describes three usage models that can help you implement a flexible and efficient hybrid IT infrastructure to realize competitive advantages in your own business. It also describes Intel innovations in silicon, systems, and software that can help IT professionals to deploy these and other big data solutions with optimal performance, cost, and energy efficiency.

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