2015英特尔® 实感™ (Intel® RealSense™) 动手开发实验课(广州)

2015年英特尔® 全球实感技术动手实验课路演来到中国, 这次在中国将有北京和广州两站,包括一天的动手实验室活动 - 面向对感知计算、3D 开发和虚拟现实兴趣浓厚的开发人员。英特尔专家将会指导您如何借助实感™ 摄像头进行开发,并为您提供亲身体验 实感SDK 和实感摄像头的机会。我们还会邀请Unity,Havok的专家介绍最新游戏引擎动态。

2015英特尔® 实感™ (Intel® RealSense™) 动手开发实验课(北京)

2015年英特尔® 全球实感技术动手实验课路演来到中国, 这次在中国将有北京和广州两站,包括一天的动手实验室活动 - 面向对感知计算、3D 开发和虚拟现实兴趣浓厚的开发人员。英特尔专家将会指导您如何借助实感™ 摄像头进行开发,并为您提供亲身体验 实感SDK 和实感摄像头的机会。我们还会邀请Unity,Havok的专家介绍最新游戏引擎动态。

N-Body Simulation Project at Cal Poly

The goal of the N-Body problem is to predict the motion of a set of n objects interacting with each other by some force, e.g. the gravitational force. N-Body simulations have been used in particles simulation such as astrophysical and molecular dynamics simulations. There are a number of approaches for solving the N-Body problem, such as the Barnes-Hut algorithm, the Fast Multipole method, the Parallel Multipole Tree Algorithm method and the direct calculation method. In the direct calculation approach, for every particle in the system, the force between that particle and every other particle in the system is calculated, resulting in an O(n2) operation for each time step where n is the number of particles in the system.

No Cost Options for Intel Data Analytics Acceleration Library (DAAL), Support yourself, Royalty-Free

Intel® DAAL is a library product from Intel that accelerates big data analytics by providing highly optimized algorithmic building blocks for all data analysis stages (Pre-processing, Transformation, Analysis, Modeling, Validation, and Decision Making) for offline, streaming and distributed analytics usages. It’s designed for use with popular data platforms including Hadoop*, Spark*, R, and Matlab*. for highly efficient data access. Intel DAAL is available for Linux*, OS X* and Windows*.

Debugging Intel® XDK Cordova Apps Built for iOS* Using a Mac* and Safari*

There are some debugging situations that simply cannot be satisfied by the features found on the Intel® XDK Debug tab. In those cases, if you own a Mac* and an Apple* developer account, you can utilize Web Inspector in Safari* to remotely debug an iOS* Cordova app in a way that is analogous to using Remote Chrome* DevTools with an Android* device running a Cordova app. This process requires that you use a Mac* and that your iOS* device is attached to the Mac* via a USB cable. Some configuration of Safari* on your Mac* and on your iOS* device is required to make this work, and is described below.
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  • Intel® System Studio Samples and Tutorials

    Intel® System Studio is a comprehensive and integrated tool suite that provides developers with advanced system tools and technologies to help accelerate the delivery of the next-generation, energy-efficient, high-performance, and reliable embedded and mobile devices. We have created a list of samples demonstrating different features of Intel System Studio, Also tutorials will show usage of features in your applications. By Downloading or copying all or any part of the sample source code, you agree to the terms of the Intel® Sample Source Code License Agreement
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