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BSOD on Windows 7 using Amplifier 2015 Update 1

I am getting a 100% repeatable BSOD on Windows 7 running Amplifier 2015 Update 1 (build 380310), native code.

Advanced Hotspots ->Hotspots -> NO PROBLEM
Advanced Hotspots ->Hotspots , stacks and context switches ->BSOD after a few seconds.



pintool compiling on windows

Hi all,

I currently encounter a problem compiling pintool on windows. Below is the environment:

OS: windows 7 sp1 x64

Visual Studio: 2012


To compile using the makefile, (inside makefile, linux command "cut" is used) I install cygwin (make, cut).

According to the release note:

Running commands:

VTune Amplifier XE: 2015 fails to obtain license

Hello all,

we have a floating license for VTune since some time now. Recently, I got an email that a new version is available - the 2015 one. But I cannot get it to work with our existing license that we use with the 2013 version. We updated the license server to the latest version (l_isl_server_p_2.3.0.002_intel64.tar.gz), but I keep getting this error with the 2015 version of VTune:

Need more specific information for function elapsed time

Hi, now I profile some java code with VTune

I want to check whether some function are CPU-intensive or Data-intensive
for example, suppose one function that loads some data from array, and calculate arithmetic operation like this

result = (array[index+offset] ^ variable>>>=8) &0xff;

in this case, I think their elapsed time can be divided into two types; CPU-operation time (plus, exclusive-or, shift, etc) and Data-operation time (array[index+offset])

Can I get this kinds of information from VTune without modifying original source code?

How to collect the detailed analysis of advanced-hotspots results


I am running the application for the advance hotspot analysis using intel vtune. On GUI, this analysis gives me information like Function/Call Stack, CPU Time by Utilization and CPI Rate. I want to get the exact information but using command-line. If I use command

/opt/intel/vtune_amplifier_xe/bin64/amplxe-cl -report hotspots -r r006ah/

the information I get are the columns of Function, Module and CPU Time:Self but CPI Rate column is missing. Can you please give me any idea how to extract CPI Rate using commandline.

Appreciate your help.

2015 Update 1 MSVC GUI "mark timeline" says "not implemented"


as I said in the topic, when I click "mark timeline", in the GUI log reading "not implemented.

PS: I am using native x64 (not CLR app, nor Win Store app).

specs: Win 8.1 Pro x64, x64 target app, MSVC 2013 with the latest updates to both MSVC and Windows.


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