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Visual Studio 2015 unresolved external symbol _snprintf


My code compiles fine when using Visual Studio 2013, but when converting it to VS15, I get this error:

Error    LNK2001    unresolved external symbol _snprintf    FEBio2    C:\FEBio2_15\VS2013\mkl_core.lib(mkl_aa_fw_device_threading_params.obj)    1

Any suggestions?



Questions about SCIF Driver

I have a system with 2 PHI cards installed running on redhat 7.0. I am able to run code on the cards as pure offload and I can ssh into the cards. I am trying to get symmetric mode to work.

1) Does symmetric mode require OFED, or is OFED only required when there is a physical Infiniband card?

2) What are the proper steps to verify that the SCIF driver is properly loaded? mic shows up as a driver but there is no indication of anything named SCIF. 

Project migration from IPP 8.x to IPP 9.0 -- need help on replacing removed functionality

Starting with IPP 9.0, Intel has completely removed all JPEG-related functions including Huffman and color space conversions. Color space conversions I can handle on my own, but I am not in the mood to implement multi-threaded JPEG and Huffman parts from scratch. I had a working solution with UIC and IPP 8.x, now I have a broken build.

Sure, I can choose between staying on 8.x and miss on all performance improvements for new CPUs and all bugfixes / new features and upgrading to 9.0 while losing the most important part of my image viewer application -- (fast) JPEG decoding.

Finding functions which take the highest wall clock time

Hi all,

I've just started using VTune amplifier to profile my code, and I have a very basic question. How do I find functions that are taking the most wall clock time overall, and the most wall clock time per invocation? Basically, I have a Fortran application with regions of OpenMP parallel code and regions of serial code. My aim is to figure out if any of the serial regions can be speeded up by parallelizing them, for which I first need to find out what the time consuming serial portions are.

Thanks in advance,


Profiling I/O bound applications with Vtune


I am currently using the basic analysis tools in the Vtune profiler. I see that CPU bound profiling is well supported and also lock and spin waiting time is measured. How about I/O operations and syscall waiting times (i.e. wall clock times)? Are they measured in Vtune at all? If yes, which view supposed to show them? Are they only available in the advanced analysis?


How can I work with local arrays and threads

Hi All!

I have VS2013+Intel Parallel Studio XE 2015+TBB 4.3

My current code has many functions that has local stack allocations by exampe

void fnc() {

  int arr[1024];



when I started use fnc() in parallel for (it is some form of parallel execution) I got bad concurrent perfomance according to VTune analyser

Error MKLMPI_Get_wrappers, cluster MKL using gfortran, OpenMPI

I am trying to compile a program using the MKL (11.3, 2016.0.109) libraries with the gfortran (5.1.0) compiler and OpenMPI (1.8.5, compiled against gfortran 5.1.0).

I can successfully compile the program without any errors.

However, when executing my program I end up with this error:

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