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proc_bind(spread) does not seem to be honored

Hello Folks,

I have a program that is decomposed in two parts:
One loop that allocates data: it does 4 iterations, one for each socket
One loop that does computation on the data, it does 48 iterations (each thread should work on a slice of data, hopefully a slice of data that is on the local socket).

My machine is a 4 socket, 12 cores per processor Xeon machine. I'm using ICC 15.0.1 20141023

Possible compiler bug

There's a possible bug in the icc  installed with Composer XE 2013 SP1 Update 5 (2013.1.5.239). The compiler compiiles the code but the result leads to a run-time crash.

Here is a c++ programs that can reproduce the crash:

If executed it leads to this error:

"Run-Time Check Failure #2 - Stack around the variable 'os_.1016' was corrupted."

functions like pow() used in offload programming


I am using the offload programming model on Xeon Phi, and in the code which  I want to offload to the Xeon Phi, I need  to use some math functions like pow() function, however when I  compile the code ,there are some errors during link stage. the error show that it seem the compiler can not find the reference of the pow function. so which path environment should set ?

Thank you!


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