Application generating core dump

i am currently working on one application which is generating core dump files. Application is compiled using icpc(2013) and running on Intel(R) Xeon(R)  E5-2670 processor. if i am using return 0 then application is generating core dump file but instead of return 0; if i use exit(EXIT_SUCCESS); then no core dump files are generated. In case of return 0; application is executed successfully(correct output) without giving segmentation fault or any other error message.

Problem with FilterBilateralBorder


I tried to use ippiFilterBilateralBorder_32f_C1R and got incorrect results.
Then I have run an example from the manual for ippiFilterBilateralBorder_8u_C1R (copy-paste) but have gotten different, incorrect results too (below).

 1   2   3 123 123 125  54  54
 3   4   5 128 130 130  61  62
 4   5   6 131 132 133  64  65
 6   6   6 132 133 133  66  66
 7   7   6 133 133 132  66  66
 7   6   5 133 132 131  66  65
 6   5   4 132 131 130  65  64

icc -mmic: x86_64-k1om-linux-ld: cannot find -lselinux

compile with "icc -mmic" failed.


x86_64-k1om-linux-ld: skipping incompatible /usr/lib64/libselinux.so when searching for -lselinux
x86_64-k1om-linux-ld: cannot find -lselinux


[root@amax gio]# find / -name libselinux.so




Should I recompile libselinux.so with "icc -mmic"?

I tried to comiple with icc -mmic, and without "-lselinux". And "setenforce 0". Then another error.

x86_64-k1om-linux-ld: warning: xxx.so, needed by yyy.so, not found (try using -rpath or -rpath-link)


I use "icc -mmic" to compile it.

Why there are so maney warnings "x86_64-k1om-linux-ld: warning: xxx.so, needed by ../glib/.libs/libglib-2.0.so, not found"?

I'm sure ../glib/.libs/libglib-2.0.so exits.

The errors caused by that?



Significant Overhead if threaded MKL is called from OpenMP parallel region


my aim is to diagonalize quadratic matrices with different sizes dxd in parallel. To this end I wrote a for  loop. In each iteration the aligned memory (dependent on the dimension d) is allocated with mkl_malloc(). The matrix is filled and afterwards dsyev is called to determine the optimal workspace size. Then I allocate the (aligned) workspace needed with mkl_malloc(), call dsyev once again to diagonalize the matrices and deallocate the memory that was used for the workspace and to store the matrix (using mkl_free()). 

CUDA7 samples failed with ICC Package ID: w_ccompxe_2015.2.180

I compiled the CUDA7 samples with IC Compiler Package ID: w_ccompxe_2015.2.180
Compiling CUDA7 Projectmap "Samples_vs2012"(144 Projects)
Active configuration: Debug x64
Using Visual C++ Compiler
========== Alles neu erstellen: 144 erfolgreich, 0 fehlerhaft, 0 übersprungen ==========

Now using Intel(R)C++ Compiler XE[IA32]
Intel(R) C++ Compiler XE for applications running on IA-32, version 15.0.2 Package ID: w_ccompxe_2015.2.179

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