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mixed (x86,armeabi-v7a) APK

Hi, I'm trying to execute a pure NDK code (no Java at all) build with NDK 10b.

target .SO are located in lib/x86 & lib/armeabi-v7a

my X86 test device (ASUS K010) reports :

ro.product.cpu.abi2 = armeabi-v7a

ro.product.cpu.abi = x86


PadFone X Mini - Intel USB driver not working

I tried to use the "Intel Android Device USB driver"  (Android_winusb.inf) but MSFT (win7) wouldn't install it for the Asus PadFone X Mini.  It worked fine with the moto Razr I.

Anyone know how to pass this information along to the right people to get it fixed?  

Developing Immersive Apps For A New Breed Of All-In-One Computer

This paper presents four guidelines that can help guide software developers as they design applications that encourage touch interaction and deliver a memorable end-user experience on Intel® processor-based pAIOs.
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  • Diagnostic 15523: Loop was not vectorized: cannot compute loop iteration count before executing the loop.

    Product Version: Intel(R) Visual Fortran Compiler XE 15.0 or a later version


    The vectorization report generated when using Visual Fortran Compiler's optimization options ( /O3 /Qopt-report:2 /Qopt-report-phase:vec ) states that loop was not vectorized since loop iteration count cannot be computed before the loop is executed.

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  • Potential bug in Android L emulator


    I recently tried a couple of android card games I developed with android L (API 21) x86 emulator in order to test their compatibility with android Lollipop. The games use OpenGL ES 2.0 and a framework/engine I developed by myself. 

    I realized if I do not select the EGLConfig in GLSurfaceView the app crashes and the logcat says no config has been chosen.

    Looking for workaround to have HAXM working on Mac VMs


    I came across some bunch of discussions on this but couldn't find exact solution for my particular problem , so thought of having yet another thread on this (advanced apologies).

    We have a MAC server on which we are using VmWare OS and on top of which we have created some MaC VMs. We are not able to run emulator on this machine because it gives an error that HAXM is required. On trying to install HAXM , it gives another error that machine doenst meet requirements.

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