Simian Squared Go Perceptual: Ultimate Coder

Hello all and welcome to our very first Ultimate Coder: Going Perceptual blogpost!

I thought we'd use this opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you about what we will be doing with the Perceptual Computing platform and where we're coming from with our ideas:

Who are Simian Squared?

Intel Ultimate Coder Challenge Round 2 Fight!

The bell has rung and Code-Monkeys is ready to let loose its collective intellect to throw down the competition.  We  just narrowly missed the crown last round, grabbing second place with Wind Up Football. The sting still lingers, yet the drive has been renewed.

Intel® Perceptual Computing Challenge – now open for entries!

Phase 1 of the Intel® Perceptual Computing Challenge is now open for entries – yes,  the one that has a total of USD $1 Million in prizes!    The Challenge will be done over two contests to give more time for learning, experimentation, better applications, and more winners.    The initial phase requires developers to submit a profile of their application, a link to a YouTube video showing their app prototype in action, and the executable to the app.      A total of $185K in cash prizes are available in this phase, with $20K each goi

Perceptual Computing Challenge

At the 2012 Fall Intel(R) Developer Forum,   we announced a new way of computing using natural interfaces, which we named Perceptual Computing. The Beta version of the Perceptual Computing SDK was released which can be downloaded for free.     The current version requires the use of a peripheral camera,  the Creative* Interactive Gesture Camera.   But future platforms will integrate the camera into mobile devices like laptops and Ultrabooks.     There's also 

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