Building and Simulating an App using the HTML5 Development Environment Beta

The HTML5 section within the Intel Developer Zone was updated just before the US Thanksgiving Holiday to release the new Intel® HTML5 Development Environment Beta and I tried out a few of the sample apps. It took me about fifteen minutes to get one of the samples packaged into an .apk file and running on my Android tablet.

Intel for Android* Developers Learning Series #4: Android Tablet Sensors

Sensors on Intel® Atom™ Processor-Based Android Tablets

The tablets based on Intel Atom processors can support a wide range of hardware sensors. These sensors are used to detect the motion and position changes, and report the ambient environment parameters. The block diagram in Figure 1 shows a possible sensor configuration on a typical Intel Atom processor-based Android tablet.

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  • Using Geolocation in Your Windows* Store Apps

    By Bill Sempf

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    Using Geolocation in Your Windows* Store Apps (PDF 941 KB)

    Steve walks down 5th Avenue looking for the shop he was sure was there last year.

    “Right there,” he thinks, “across from the pizza shop.”

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