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Deserialize Byte Array


I have a byte array in Fortran that has been serialised in vb. I was wondering if it's possible to deserialize it in Fortran using a custom TYPE or something?

In VB the object format is:

       Public Class CustomClass
           Property1 as Double
           Property2 as Double
           Property3 as Double
       End Class

and I serialize it with: 

Intel Compiler giving license error

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has come across this issue before. I have an install of Intel Fortran on my PC but the licences don't appear to have been set up right. I get the error message

"A license for FCompW is not available". This the first time I've tried to recompile something since having this PC. I have a valid licence for this software.



Trial Version and Developer Studio

I apologize if this question has been asked before.

Somebody else in my company wants to evaluate Intel Fortran (aka Parallel Study XE 2015 Composer). He downloaded the trial version, but he installed the wrong Developer Studio trial (he downloaded Express instead of Professional). What's the easiest way to straighten things up?

a. Uninstall both and then install the trial version of Visual Studio Professional, followed by Intel Fortran.

Very minor issue with documentation

Looking up the exact syntax for the IEEE inquiry functions (in particular ieee_is_nan) I came across the following fragment:

      PRINT *, ' X is a 'normal' '
      PRINT *, ' X is not 'normal' '
      PRINT *, ' X is not a supported IEEE type '

(The page is "IEEE Intrinsic Modules and Procedures")

use dll in different folder



I have a question about calling dll files.

In my project I have created an exe-file developed in Fortran and this program uses functions from  dll-files in different subfolders. I have tested to have all dll-files in the same folder as my exe-file and everything works w/o any problems so this is not the problem.

But I want to use the dlls in the subfolders. (I do not want to ask my users to copy a lot of dlls from subfolders if I can avoid it)


Example what I want:

Academic/Student license

Dear all,


I was wondering if an academic/student license is available for the Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for Fortran Windows, as it's avaiable for the C++ and not for Fortran! 

As I installed the 30-day trial version, is there the possibility to insert then a full license?


Thanks a lot,




A problem with CLASS(*), POINTER and ASSOCIATE

Using compiler 15, update 3, I would expect the following simple code should generate a compiler error with the use of an associate-name x without select-type construct; note x is associated with an unlimited polymorphic pointer.  Instead, no compiler errors and warnings are generated.  At run-time, no exception occurs but nothing is printed for x for the statement on line 10.

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