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A specified class is not registered in the registration database

I am having the error "A specified class is not registered in the registration database" returned by function "COMCreateObjectByGUID" aioll the time when I try to call .net function from fortran function.

Business case: I have to call .net function from Fortran on Windows platforms

Solution approach:

Strange behavior of vlist argument in UDTIO

I have yet another problem with UDTIO. In my read procedure, I want to use the vlist argument to pass the length of a temporary character string to be used internally in the procedure. However, when I read more than one DT in a single format statement, the vlist for the second and following I/O items behaves strangely.

bug with open statement

I recently upgraded to VS2015 and IVF Composer 2016.  Since upgrading the Fortran compiler, the application I work with returns error code 30 on an OPEN statement.  A file is created, but cannot be written to.  I have tried various permutations of the OPEN statement including:

call get_unit( file_id )
open ( unit = file_id, file = file_name, status = 'replace', iostat = istat )
if ( ) then

v16 compiler breaks code

I have a complicated real-time dll signal processor project that has been compiling without problems with Composer Professional Edition v15.3. This project is part of a commercial product that is current available for sale. Today I tried the new release of v16 and it seriously broke the project. It built OK (no error messages) and the dll doesn't crash. (I know this because it passed metering information about the input to the host application, an MS C++ project).

Better a select vs. Character or Integer?

I have to run a select to interpret a variable.
Actually the select case is based on character(len=10) variable, but I could substitute that with an integer.
If I did that, would I improve the speed of my code?
Pratically speaking, dealing with character vars slows the code?

DLL Export as STDCALL from Fortran

I am building a Dll and exporting functions and subroutines as STDCALL from Fortran. There have been and still are some difficulties to have other parts in Fortran call those exported functions aswell. It works for most of the functions but two of them simply won't link.

I decorated the functions to export with !DEC$ ATTRIBUTES DLLEXPORT, STDCALL :: <functionname>. Then I created a module to write interfaces for the exported functions, so that Fortran knows that these have STDCALL as calling convention.

Stack overflow problem with IVF Composer XE 2016

Just downloaded and installed the new Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for Fortran Windows* 2016 to perform regression tests on code that I've developed and works fine under the IVF 2015 version.  I immediately get a stack overflow problem on this line of code (variables abbreviated):

arr1 = cdexp(QI * (c1 * arr2 + c2 * arr3 * c3))

c1, c2, and c3 are constants,

arr1 =  dynamically allocated, double precision, complex  1-dimensional array, and

arr2 and arr3 = dynamically allocated, double precision 1-dimensional arrays

Running IA-32 Fortran exes in Windows 10

I have an exe which is compiled IA-32 which is launched via VB.  We are noting on our newest Windows 10 laptops that the running of the exe "hangs" for approximately 60 seconds before continuing.  The app is a QuickWin app with a few Windows API calls.

If I launch the equivalent exe which is compiled Intel(R) 64, the exe runs without any "hanging."  What could be the source of this?

Dazed and confused

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