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Need help with WaitForMultipleObjects

I'm having a problem getting the WaitForMultipleObjects WIN32API feature to work from Intel Fortran. (It works in a C snippet I wrote, but I need it to work in the Fortran.)

What happens with this bit of code is that the 10 Second timer goes off, but the code never recognizes the 15 Second timer as having expired. If I move the 15 Second timer to the first position in the (pHandle) array, then the 15 Second timer is the only one to fire....

Here is the code I am having a problem with:


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Fortran compile/load

I have been using Compaq visual fortran for many years and I thought that moving to Intel fortran would be easy - but I can't get it to work at all.

After installing it I ran one of my old Compaq batch files to compile/load a code - it switch from Compaq to Intel and ran ifort -
then I got the message,

ifort: unable to run: Microsft VC++ Dir\Bin

I contacted INtel and they told me but Microsoft C++.NET 2003 - which I did. After installing it and again running ifort I still get the same message.

What am I doing wrong????

compiling and linking error. Help, please.

SOS and Thanks.

OS: Windows XP professional. ASPEN PLus 11.1 and Compaq Visual Fortran (CVF) Version 6.1.

Problem Description:
I used ASPCOMP from ASPEN PLus and the compile log file is listed as follows.
@gcpp.opt usrpass.f usrpass.i
ASPCOMP: Using compiler C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual
f77.exe /nologo /c /nowatch -object:usrpass.obj usrpass.i

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The main culprit of multiple Forum postings (just happened to me in thread "C and CVF Compatibility") seems to be usage of Tab key. Instead ofinserting a tab character/multiple spaces(as one would expect in a Win32 multi-line edit control), it switches the focus to the next button (Submit Message) and the following Space key (a common action while typing) posts the message. The protection seems to be inadequate -- it rejected multiple posting for the first time, buttheyreappeared on subsequent visiting.

Fortran calls to C

I am trying to call a C routine from my Fortran main. I am having difficulty in prototyping two arrays, one 1D array and another a 2D array. Following some examples in the Visual Studio (V6.0), I trid declaring as
where a is 1D array and b is 2D array. I get the compiler error "Error: The shape matching rules of actual arguments and dummy arguments have been violated." Any help would be greatly appreciated.



MIxed language and MASM Version

Our CVF 6.6 mixed-language projects worked fine until we tried building on a machine with current MASM versions installed.

With 9/24/93 versions of ML.EXE and ML.ERR installed in the DF88in folder, all is OK. With versions dated 2003, we get an LNK1103 message from the linker.

Is this a known problem / is there a way around it (other than staying with the 1993 versions)?

C and CVF compatibility


My name is Guilherme and I am a Telecommunications Engineer in Brazil. I am working on a CVF project which has to be updated with some C functions. The problem is that Ive already read the CVF Help sometimes but it is still returning link erros. Believe it or not, Ive tried the exact example described in the CVF Help and it is still not working.Can anybodygive me a hint???

Thank you,

Guilherme Cunha

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