Intel® Visual Fortran Compiler for Windows*

Installation failure

I downloaded parallel_studio_xe_2016_composer_edition_for_fortran_setup.exe on my windows 7 64 bit desktop and the installation is not successful saying that only dos command will work instead of GUI. I think the problem might arise from the software compatibility because I have windows 7. Should I download an older version or do something else? What is your suggestion? Thanks,

Calling Fortran From C++ (64 bit)

I am converting a C++/Fortran application from 32 bit to 64 bit Windows and need to call a Fortran subroutine with no arguments from c++.  This works fine in 32 bit but in 64 bit I receive an error:

LNK2019: unresolved external symbol wtest referenced in function main

Interpretation of nested WHERE


I am trying to understand if my interpretation of nested WHERE blocks is incorrect or if the compiler is producing an incorrect execution.

I encountered numerical floating point exceptions in a large program because of the execution of LOG10(0.D00) inside a nested WHERE block, even though execution of array arguments with values <= 0.0D0 should be prevented by a mask in the outer WHERE block.

The following test code reproduces the problem when the compiler flag /fpe:0 is set for floating point exception handling.

Placing compiler directives in source code

I need to use the compiler directive "assume:byterecl" for just one of my source files. Is there any way I can place it in the source code for that file rather than as a command line option in my VS project? I apologise in advance if this is a dumb question.

Debugger is not showing variable contents


My debugger is not showing most of the variable contents including some local variables, even do loop index.  The "Locals" window shows some local variables but not all.  Interestingly, it is not showing any integer variables.  I don't have any access to the module variables, either.

I've tried VS C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (X86) as recommended in the Intel Fortran 2015 release note, but it didn't help.  I had the issue with XE2015 but I am still having the same issue with my current setup of:

MS Visual Studio Premium 2013 : Version 12.0.21005.1 REL

Integration with Visual Studio (again...)


I've got a new PC with Windows 10. The IT staff has installed Intel Fortran Compiler 16.0 before I could get my hands on, so that Visual Studio (Community 2015) was installed later and the compiler is not integrated. I have tried following the instructions at

cd ..\..\Intel Fortran\VFPackages
integrate.bat "%VS140COMNTOOLS%" /u
integrate.bat "%VS140COMNTOOLS%"

Integration with Visual Studio


Our software that that we have been selling for years uses Intel Fortran to compile simulations. The problem I am having is that when customers come in for support, we have to sometimes trouble shoot problems with their Intel/Visual studio installation. We have a utility that helps us determine the customers setup and we would like to add to ability to see which version of Visual Studio is currently integrated with Intel.

intel compiler does not work

I have installed the Intel compiler using two files

w_fc_c_10.0.027.exe and w_mkl_p_10.0.5.025.exe 

on the ASUS notebook with OS Windows 8.1.

The process of installation has not any problem.

There are two new applications appear in the Start menu

"Fortran Build Environment for applications running on IA-32" and similar for IA-64

When I click on this button a black window with prompt command appears

I print "ifort c:\program.f90" (as usual I did on the old computer with the old compiler)

How to run *.exe file from Intel Visual Fortran


Dear Developers 

Acutally, I did migrate from Compaq Fortran to Intel Visual Fortran, 

Original code is like as follows in compaq fortran 

cmd = 'kalmansryu'

call system(cmd)

but it made errors in intel visual fortran. (kalmansry is exe file that was made from Matlab) 

How can I change 'call system'. Could you show me example? 



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