Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE

Package update on the target is required

I am trying to remotely collect data on my target machine using the VTune Amplifier. The passwordless connection is already set up. When I try to connect to the remote machine, this is the message I get:

Detected VTune Amplifier build #367959 on the target system at ..path/to/vtune/installation... with the build #393444 on the host. Package update on the target is required. Amplifier cannot detect remote machine configuration.

Ivy Bridge, counting cycles stalled due to LLC cache load misses?


On Ivy Bridge there are the following counters:


but no CYCLE_ACTIVITY.CYCLES_LLC_PENDING. I have performed some profiling and my results suggest you cannot just subtract the first two counters from the third counter, to get the LLC value. There are three counters for the number of times there is a cache miss, but I want to know the effect of stalling.

Prroblem with analysis on Intel Xeon Phi


I'm trying to analyze simple serial aplication (matrix multipication) dedicated for Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor using VTune. I created native aplication, using -mmic flag and next copy it to mic0 using scp command. Next I ran analysis as shown in the link below :

Vtune Amplifier drivers

Hi everyone,

I need to install VTune Amplifier but I don't have root privileges, so I have to ask my system administrator to install drivers.

My question is: since I installed a FREE 30-day version on another system, Will I be able to collect data after this license expires? 


PMU resource(s) currently being used by another profiling tool or process

The following command

mpirun -n 4 /opt/intel/vtune_amplifier_xe/bin64/amplxe-cl -collect-with runsa -knob event-config=FP_COMP_OPS_EXE.X87 -result-dir /home/fabrizio/Desktop/testt/ -- /home/fabrizio/Desktop/test

returns error in subject.

I tried a solution explained in an another post (./insmod -sep3 -r), but it seems not to be my case, because with ONE process I don't have error about PMU resource(s), but an error about "Failed to create a tb6 file".

How could I solve?



Total Beginner- how do I run it?


I'm sorry, but I can't find simple instructions on how to run.  Maybe you could make a 'sticky' in the forum with this information?

What do I do?  Which compiler flags does vtune need.  Do I just compile with -g then type amplxe-gui?  Where are amplxe-cli command instructions located?  I direct an input file into the code, i.e. %code < read_input.  How do I put that in the gui?

If there is a 'vtune for dummies', please send me the link.


Failed to create a tb6 file because 0 samples were collected

I'm trying this command:

mpirun -n 1 amplxe-cl -collect advanced-hotspots -result-dir DIR -- HELLO_WORLD

but the following error appears:

"Error: Failed to create a tb6 file because 0 samples were collected.".

What's wrong?


vtune hardware event-based sampling for mpi app

I am trying to use vtune to analyze an mpi program which is a mixture of python, c and fortran. I am able to do hotspots collection for this program just fine, but when I try to do advanced hotspots or snb-general-exploration it hangs.

I run with

mpirun -np 1 -l amplxe-cl -collect snb-general-exploration --result-dir appge -- python <...args...> : -np 7 python <...args...>

I'm running on a single node with 16 cores for now but would like to do this analysis for larger cases on multiple nodes. Compiler version is 14.0.2.

cache miss and floating point operation

Salve a tutti,

sono interessato a valutare i cache miss e il numero di operazioni floating point con riferimento ad un programma MPI.

Da riga di comando ho provato:

mpirun -n 4 -l amplxe-cl -result-dir XXX -collect hotspots eseguibile

Il tipo di analisi "HOTSPOTS" è sufficiente per ottenere quanto desiderato?

Se sì. una volta aperti i risultati usando l'interfaccia grafica (amplxe-gui), dove sono reperibili le informazioni di cui sopra?

Se no, che comando è necessario utilizzare?

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