Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE

Source line of Fortran Code

I have written a code to be used as a user-subroutine for a commercial finite element software. The Fortran code gets compiled to a dll file and is linked by the commercial software during run time. 

Now I'm using VTune to look into the performance of my code but the reports by VTune do not include the subroutine/function names (shows up as func@0x180da8e70, etc.). 

When compiling my Fortran code, I'm using /debug:all /traceback options and when running VTune, I point to the source code folder. 



I recently purchased Intel® VTune Amplifier XE for Linux* - Named-user during my free trial.

I went to use the amplxe gui today and received the following error.

"License check failed Intel® VTune Amplifier XE cannot find valid license.  Data cannot be displayed."

I'm assuming I received the error because my free trial had expired.  I have a valid license key in my purchase email but not a file to set the env variable INTEL_LICENSE_FILE.

How do I obtain the file so I can point INTEL_LICENSE_FILE env variable to it?

Installation problems with Cluster Studio XE for Linux

I need help with identifying the missing prerequisites for installation of the Intel cluster studio. 

While running the it goes through the process of checking prerequisites and I get the following:

Either kernel source directory, C compiler, or Make command is not detected by
the installation. To build the sampling and/or power driver, set up parameters

Un-wanted file and dirs are generated with report

I've created a shell script like this:

sh -c vtune_report -R top-down -r /root/test/r035hs/

the script actually call this:

amplxe-cl -R top-down -r /root/test/r035hs/ -report-output=log/test-report.csv

then I got test-report.csv under log directory and some other strange file and dirs that I don't want:




with just amplxe-cl command executing directly, I got only test-report.csv.

Project exe stopped working with Intel VTune Amplifier XE2013


I have made a program which works fine with Visual Studio 2013.

But when i tried to use the amplifier for getting the results it stopped and gave an error such as project exe stopped working.

I also checked amplifier for other programs it works fine.

But when i link this program with amplifier its giving an error.

iam not able to figure out this error why it has happened whether the error is in program or not.

Kindly help me in this regard.






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