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Intel - Distribution - Program Fails

I'm trying to distribute some mkl files around for client use. Here's a quick synopsis of the problem.

1 - I have a Intel License Server running on a remote machine.

2 - I have some math libraries which get picked up in a ribbon for use in Excel.

3 - When I distribute the mkl libraries around and a client tries to run function which calls MKL in Excel, it crashes. Using the event logger and other logging tools have proven fruitless.

Things I've tried to resolved the issue.

Data fit dfdInterpolateEx1D function warning code

Hello everybody, I am having some problems with the dfdInterpolateEx1D function of the MKL Data Fit module. I am calling the above function, togheter with all the relative initialization/setting/clean function, within a loop and the results are sometimes corrects and sometimes wrong. Particularly, the wrong results provided by the above function are always equal to 0 and in correspondence to these events the error/warning status is equal to 10.

getrf & getrs caused a 'corrupted double-linked list' error


     We are using MKL calls dgetrf & dgetrs from MKL 11.2 Update 2 to solve linear systems of small size (typically 4 X 4 or 9 X 9 or 16 X 16). Here is how the program works - we need to perform computations with systems of different sizes. We allocate memory, compute, free and repeat as required. Eventually, after several allocate-compute-free cycles, when we free the dynamically allocated array 'a' in the documentation at 

Ivy Bridge (E5-2660 v2) processor and mkl_avx.dll

Dear Forum,

I have an Windows 7 application that uses Intel MKL libraries. I run it on the following two systems:

1). Sandy Bridge (E5-2660 0), and 

2). Ivy Bridge (E5-2660 v2)

I noticed, using Process Explorer, that on Sandy Bridge, mkl_avx.dll is loaded, while on Ivy Bridge, mkl_mc3.dll is loaded. Moreover, the performance on Ivy Bridge (w/ mkl_mc3.dll) is 15-30% worse than that on Sandy Bridge (w/ mkl_avx.dll).

From the following two article, seems to me that both systems support AVX, and Ivy Bridge is the more advanced of these two.

Question about mkl_?omatadd


The description of mkl_?omatadd function in the manual is a bit confusing:

- parameter m is described as "The number of matrix rows". Which one ? (A, B or C ?) What if I want to transpose A or B ?

- same question about parameter n.

- Why is ldc an output parameter ??

I wanna do this kind of operation "C = alpha*A + beta*B^t".

Thanks in advance for your help,



OsX 10.10 breaking error through CMAKE



Dear all, 


I am trying to compile Fenics in OsX using intel compilers. 

The new edition to my saga is that CMAKE creates test binaries when testing MKL that can not be killed, and leads to a slow corruption of the system (i.e. fonts go crazy etc). The error is reproducible in a macbook pro retina 2011 and mac pro cylinder 2013. 

The "zombie" is created when Teuchos is testing:


The CMAKE is invoked via hashdist with following parameters

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