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Static analysis, inspxe-inject doesn't work (Fortran, on a linux box)


i'm working on a hugh Fortan project which is build through several Makefiels, so the regular approach of the static analysis will not work for me. Also I'm working on a Linux maschine, thats why the VS-solution will not work as well.

So I tried to use the specfile-approach, but inspxe-inject doesn't work. The spec-file is created but the content is empty

the command:

inspxe-inject -save-spec spec1.spec -- make

creates a soec file, that looks like:

Can Inspector for Linux 2013 and Inspector for Linux 2011 coexist?

Can Inspector for Linux 2013 and  Inspector for Linux 2011 coexist?

I would be trying to install on a separate prefix (eg, /../intel/13.1/...) but I know that some s/w uninstalls installations from previous versions,



Performance problem


I ran Inspector xe 2013 on Ubuntu 12.04.

I used two programs from PARSEC benchmark suite and it is so slow as the following shows


program   original time(sec)       Inspector time(sec)     slowdown  

facesim    5.99                              2634                             439

ferret        6.63                              2376                             358         


evaluation license


i'm new to inspector but had a couple questions.

No matter what i do, when i start an inspection it says "Project is out of date  Project files or build settings were modified since the last build..."  I have cleaned and rebuilt the single project that is in my soolution.  i have even started a new project from scratch and moved all my source code only to run into the same message.  This didn't happen when i ran the tutorial.  Any idea why this is happening?

App exits way to soon

I'm trying to run a memory error analysis on a Win32 OpenGL game compiled with Visual Studio 2010. I'm using a demo of Parallal Studio XE 2013. It starts to run the game then quickly exits before the window is even shown and does not report any errors. vTune Amplifier runs it just fine.

I've tried all 3 modes Detect Leaks, Detect Memory Problems, Locate Memory Problems all with the same result.

The collector Messages window mostly lists modules Loaded and Unloaded and this line:
Application exit code: -1073741819

"Source file not found" Error

I'm trying to work with results that were collected on a separate test system using the standalone collectors at a command prompt.

When I open the results on my development system in Inspector XE 2011 Update 10 it fails to find the source files. Because I'm analyzing existing results I don't have the option of configuring the search location in the Project Properties. I also can't just browse for the files even though they exist on my system (just not in the location that IXE expects).

"File is not executable binary" error

I just installed Inspector XE 2011 Update 10 (build 233717) and any binary I navigate to when creating a project returns a "File xyz.exe is not executable binary." error. This is on Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 with Visual Studio 2010, and happens both integrated into VS2010 and when using the standalone version of IXE.

Strangely, if I browse for another file and then return to the original file, the error message sometimes does not appear. When using IXE integrated into VS2010 that's a bigger problem since the VS2010 project dictates the binary.

False Positive Kernel and Memory Leakage with COM and OleDB SQL 2008 Native Client?

Dear all,

We are busy checking for Memory leaks in our Application with a trail of Intel Parallel C/C++ Studio with Inspector 2011 XE.

It looks we are getting lots of false Positives in our COM/OleDB SQL Provider.

I even wrote a small test program (See code beneath) witch causes lots of kernel and memory leaks originating in the Microsoft SQL OleDB Native Client 2008 dll.

The code:

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