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How to download file attachment in private email?

Sorry off-topic but I could not find any other forum to post this.

I got file attachments (at least, the sender told me that) from an Intel support, but I do not see any download button or link in the private message thread. Anybody know how to download these files?



[aarch64][patch] Enable GCC builtin intrinsics (__sync_*) on Clang


Clang supports GCC builtin intrinsics (__sync_*) used for atomics. I tested master branch and Clang 3.5 in Fedora 21 on x86_64 and aarch64 machines. include/clang/Basic/Builtins.def from Clang contained every intrinsic used in TBB. I compiled TBB (current version, tbb43_20150316oss) on x86_64 with Clang with -DTBB_USE_GCC_BUILTINS=1  and it compiled. I seems Clang isn't fully maintained and some tests fail even on x86_64. Similar tests failed on aarch64 (plus one additional).

parallel task with several parallel stages

I have an algorithm that can be parallelised using the divide-and-conquer approach, but requires more than one parallel stage per task. In other wordsk, a given task can be split into several consecutive stages which cannot be done in parallel, but each stage can potentially be split into several parallel tasks. I have implemented this as sketced below.

spawn with enqueue


I want to exclude main thread. I have a longrunning work that should run independent of main thread. Also, the longrunning work has to work by splitting it multiple tasks. I have tried to create a root task and enqueue it. Afterwards, the root task spawned the child tasks.

For example,

longtask *root_task = new(task::allocate_root())longtask();


class longtask


         task* execute()


        set_ref_count(m_task_count + 1);

can concurrent_bounded_queue deadlock if producer and consumer have different thread priorities?


I am debugging an issue in my code where I have a concurrent_bounded_queue two producers threads and one consumer thread. The consumer has default thread priority and the producers have low thread priority.

Sometimes I get a deadlock with these stack traces:

Thread 66 (Thread 0x7ffedffff700 (LWP 9126)):

Making Parallel Sort Comparator Thread Safe


I'm using parallel_sort and regretfully my comparator needs to use a object that is not thread safe. I can make copies of this object for each thread and then the comparator would just need to use the right copy for the thread it is on, kind of like a thread_local but not global.

I'm looking for some tips on how to achieve this with TBB. I know task_scheduler_observer and enumerable_thread_specific are both options for implementing thread_locals but I'm not sure which is better in my case.

Thanks in advance!

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