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graph intermittently stalls with tbb::flow::async_node

It is either all or nothing.  

Running  tbb43_20150611oss/src/test/test_async_node.cpp  reproduce the issue.  Either the test will run to completion or will never complete.   When the worker thread calls async_try_put() it does not always wake up the next node connected to it.

platform: linux_armv7_gcc_cc4.8_libc2.19_kernel3.10.40_debug

tbb: tbb43_20150611oss




how to structure a flow graph with a blocking input source

What is a good way to modify Michael Voss' Feature Detection flow graph example when the source filter providing input images is blocking waiting for another image? This is a required modification if one wants to implement this graph for a real-time input source like a video camera.

TBBMalloc memory_pool memalign and

I am trying to use the TBBMalloc memory allocator instead of jemalloc.



How should the memalign be implemented using tbbmalloc pool?

tbb::memory_pool< std::allocator<char> > pool; // pool to store

typedef tbb::memory_pool_allocator<int> pool_allocator_t; // interface to STL containers



#include <jemalloc/jemalloc.h>

// Each thread "joins" the custom address space by figuring out what

tbb::combinable::local() is too slow -- and suggestion

see also

I would appreciate if there would be the following functionality:

1) Every thread in the tbb thread pool should have an integer index associated with it. This integer index is in the range of 0..NumberOfThreadsInPool.

2) Every combinable consists of a vector of NumberOfThreadsInPool elements

TBB licensing


I'm having some issues regarding TBB licensing. Before pointing out that this is a technical forum, which I realize and respect,  please note that Intel support sent me here, like in this situation or this other.

The company I work for has a commercial application and we want to use Intel TBB. I will try to outline the platforms I need to support and what license options I've found so far:

Is there a way to reject messages in a flow graph node?

I'm currently working on a legacy system which has a computation model of dependency graph. I tried tbb::flow::graph, which works good.

However, there is a special case in our system: A node could start to reject all future messages after it "sees a certain kind of messages"*. (Its children will also reject messages if one of its parents start to reject) Is there a way to reject messages?

Mac install location conflicts with code signing

tbb dylibs on the Mac are built with an install name path (otool -D) of "libtbb.dylib" (and similar names for all the other tbb libraries), which means that if you link with them as-is and place it inside an app package in the Apple-recommended location, they won't be found and you'll die on launch with

dyld: Library not loaded: libtbb_debug.dylib

  Referenced from: /Users/williams/photoshop/main/photoshop/Targets/Debug_x86_64/Adobe Photoshop CC Photoshop CC 2015

  Reason: image not found

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