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Script error

Hi there, this is my problem:

I made a fortran code that makes a call to the array Viewer. It works well, I can see values and graphs, but every time I try to acces the root, I get this error:

Array Visualizer Documentation

I have recently downloaded the new FREE version of array visualizer after having used the old Compaq v1.1 since 2000. The two versions are completely different so I have to rely on documentation to get up are running. I have tried to open the new help files from the Intel website but for some reason I cannot display any of the help items. Can someone help with this problem. I am currently running XP Pro withup to dateservice packs. Is there any other detailed documentation available?

graph control background colour


I have a graph control object and am having trouble setting the background colour to anything but white. When I set the backcolor property to red in the properties list it never persists, it always changes itself back to white. If I hard code it, something like

Me.AvGraphCtl3D.BackColor = RGB(255, 0, 0)

and draw a plot, it momentarily flashes red but then goes back to white. Any hints would be appreciated.


IAvAxis.Vertical property vs. transform rotations

Hi all --

Does anyone have any idea what extra side-effects there are (if any)
with respect to setting the IAvAxis.Vertical property in the object
model? That is, as opposed to simply rotating the axis' transform
+90 or -90 degrees?

3D Plot Axis Labels

Despite my best efforts fiddling with the Array Viewer, I cannot get the axes of a 3D plot to display any text (e.g. the scale for that axis).

I see from pictures in the gallery that it is possible, but just can't seem to figure out what settings to change to get it working.

Any tips appreciated!



Using AvGrid OCX and object model in Delphi 7

I don't understand how to access the root group of an AvGrid ActiveX object that I've got sitting on a Delphi form. There's no Root property exposed to users of the ActiveX component, and I'd like to know how to assign a group to the grid for viewing. I'm pretty sure that I've constructed my graph hierarchy correctly.

automatically open array visualizer when starting to debug a program

Hi All,

I was wondering if there is a way to make Visual Studio 2005 open the Intel array viewer window when the debugger is started? I have tried docking the visualizer and making it a tabbed window, with no success.

The references to the arrays that I want to view are saved, butI need to manually open the visualizer window.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.


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