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Controlling the Camera of MCA, once again.


I would like tocontrol the settings of my MCA camera, e.g., the resolution of video. Also, I would like to disable the auto focus, and control the focus manually.

Of course, I mean if there is a control panel for the camera. I donnot need to do this by programming myself.



Camera device named '' was not found


I'm new to this Motion Tablet development. I have got a Motion F5 tablet and i want to develop an application that takes pictures and stores it in jpg format.

To start with i have used the sample C# code provided with the MCA SDK (CameraDemoNet). The tablet is having an inbuilt camera. On running the application the form displays but when i press the 'Start Preview/ Reserve' button it throws an error 'Camera device named '' was not found (Unable to get last error)'. The error popsup on excution of the line 'oCam.ReserveDevice();'

The SDK took control of the F2 key?

Hi all,

Our CM person installed the SDK on his build machine last week so he could build my MCA camera project. Now when he uses F2 to rename a folder in Explorer an RFD Tag Data dialog pops up instead. Seems like the SDK could be the only thing making this happen, but it doesn't make sense. He's not even doing any development. He has Windows Server 2008.


Controlling the Camera of MCA

Hello Everybody,

I am just new to this forum, even to whole SDK things!

I am trying to control the camera of my MCA through my program (c++, MS visual studio 2005). Mainly, I want to be able to play with the digital zoom from whithin my program, probably nothing else.

Is there actually a imple sample code for such (or similar) task? I would appreciate any support in this regard.

Best, Zeno

MCA SDK RFID 14443 Demo Application

Anyone intrested in the MCA SDK RFID 14443 Demo Application please contact us via the fourm.
This is sample source code which only works with a TI-7960 reader that demonstrates how to do the first steps of selecting a 14443 rfid tag for communication. It doesnt make use of the MCA SDK, but it shows how a developer might start work on such an application.

There is no support for this code and it is provided as is.

Mobile Medical Tablet

I have an account and they are working on "Mobile Medical Tablet"(need quick access to medical history, located in a common base of medical institutions). They would like to create a mobile workplace for a doctor for many aspects of performance. Regarding to this, I would like to find out the fate of this or a similar device for use as a mobile workstation for a doctor. I do not know anything about this and was wondering maybe you could help!
Thank you for any kind of information!

Download SDK 2.0 in German


I installed the MCA SDK 2.0 .net on my workstation (Windows Vista Business SP2) with a german OS. When I try to start the configuration tool I get the error message "Unable to find the file: C:\\ Program Files\\Intel\\MCA\\Bin\\XML\\IMCASystem-de.xml". In this folder are only xml files with the ending -en. Where can I download the SDK 2.0 .net that supports german.


Which version of the DirectX SDK?


I'm a new member here and I'm preparing to install the MCA SDK for the first time. I read the requirements and want to be sure I choose the correct version of the DirectX SDK for my situation. I currently have only the DirectX 9.0 SDK Update (Summer 2004) installed.

My development machine is XP and my target tablet is the Motion F5 with XP. So it seems version 9.0 is the appropriate one. However it's possible that in the future I will do development for a tablet running Windows 7.

Should I install version 11 now for my XP-only development?

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