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MCA- Barcode Data Processing

If the barcode scan has control character as prefix, How does MCA interpret the data?

Does MCA do the following? (In regards to interpreting data from a barcode reader/scanner)
a. Pass/simulate the from the barcode data.---> Outputing +barcodedata
b. Ignores the --> Output barcode data
c. Enables the key action (Simulates the Cntrl+b call) --> Performs Cntrl+b action then outputs the barcodedata.

is the Ascii of Cntl+b function call,

Having problems with RFID and Multiprocessor Kernel on Windows XP

The newest F5 tablets from Motion Computing have a dual CPU configuration. After setting the tablets up with Windows XP, we noticed that our RFID scan success dropped from 95-100% to around 20-30%. The RFID read function (c# code) returns a "Tag Not Found" error immediately after reading the tag. It beeps like it read ok, then it returns the error. About 3 in 10 times it returns the tag ID correctly.

MedApp buttons

I can't seem to capture MedAppButtonAClick events on a Motion C5 MCA. I'm using version 2.0.0 PD (on the MCA) and SDK (on my workstation).

I've prepared a simple test case. It is a Delphi 2007 application and uses the COM interface. It creates a single IButtons object, creates a window, sets the IButtons object's MainWindowHandle property to the handle of the new window, and calls RegisterEvent once with the appropriate event identifier constant.

RFID Problem on Panasonic CF-H1


We have two Panasonic Toughbook CF-H1 models with default installation (Windows XP Tablet Sp3, all drivers installed including Intel MCA Platform Driver).
Neither of them reads any RFID Tags. The reply is "No tags found!"
We have tried different tags (all ISO-15693 complaint, so should be working) with both of the Panasonic Toughbooks.

The MCA Platform Driver is of the latest version,

Do you have any ideas on what causes this problem? I will also contact Panasonic.

Best Regards

checkdigit with 2of5 symbology

Hi all
we use in our company the 2of5 symbology with one checkdigit that shall be checked but not transferred.
I was not able to find where to set this neither in the configuration Editor nor in the supplied config batch-files.
With code39 I found several configuration files but not for 2of5.
I use MCA Platform Driver version 2,0,3 build 26163
Has anyone an idea?
Kind regards

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