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UPnP white papers


i am looking for the following white papers on UPnP technology, amazingly they have not just disappeared from Intel site but they are also not available anywhere on the internet, did a quite a bit of serious googling :-(


Designing a UPnP* AV MediaServer
UPnP* AV Architecture White Paper

Designing a UPnP* AV MediaRenderer


If Intel or somebody on this forum can please make these white papers available, that would be very kind.

Thanking you in advance



Intel Sample Implementation kit contents

Hi, I have some queries regarding Intel SIK.

Does this SIK contains the complete implementation of DTCP stack ? ie: including the implementation for Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) used by DTCP.? Can you please explain what all modules will be available as part of this SIK.?

Action dispatching with the java stack

Hello,I`m trying out the developer tools.For now i have created a Network light, generated the stack for Java/Android and added a button to switch on/off the lightbulb.When using the sniffer i can see that the start and stop methods transmitting.But the samples calls arent transmitted in the onCreate-method.I can`t figure out how i can add functionality to the setTarget function found in the "".I have tried allot of things but nothing seems to work.Any help is appreciated

Cant transfer photos from iphone to pc!?

There are some photos in my iphone and I have to transfer them to my pc for editing. So I synced my iphone to computer and open itunes. Normally the pictures will appear on itunes but this time the folder was empty! I really don't know whats going wrong! Could u pls help me...

Support for a iPhone Control Point?

Is there support in the generated Control Point for deployment on the iPhone? Perhaps you have successfully used this UPnP implementation in an iPhone App?I can see from the Device Builder options that Mac OSX is a target platform, but how about the iPhone? In the generated code I notice that there are are compiler directives for _POSIX and for __APPLE__ and that they are mutually exclusive in many parts of compilation.

Tutorial Documentation

I've just been charged with creating a UPnP Device with 8 embedded serial port devices on embedded linux. This tool looks like a great time saver.

I have reviewed every thread in this Forum, viewed the youtube videos, installed the latest v0.0.51 and am looking for docs, tutorials, videos. Oh, yes - even found UPnP.chm - all useful to a point.

Current issue: Device Builder tool allows creation of Devices with Embedded Devices but Generate Stack output is incomplete

Using "https-get" instead of "http-get" for the protocol field in the protocolinfo attribute

Does anyone know if using HTTPS has been standardised in the protocolinfo attribute for the res element.What would be the parameters?Thank you-Auro

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